How A Lawyer Should Handle Their Marketing In The Digital Age

    Marketing in the legal field can be complicated as there are restrictions on advice that can be given and it is extremely competitive. An injury attorney could garner a huge settlement worth thousands for a client so putting money towards attracting clients is imperative. Other areas of law are not as profitable or competitive like that of personal injury law. The best thing that a firm can do is create a strategy based on data and bring in a marketing professional. Simply trying to handle marketing in your busy schedule will not convert like that of a pro helping you out. The following are tips for lawyers and how they should market in the digital age.  

    Sending Direct Mail Still Works

    Direct mail after an accident or arrest still works and should be a part of trying to get clients. People are usually very panicked after something happens so that piece of mail could be a form of comfort. A person arrested for a DUI might not know the next steps and with DUI there are time constraints for a variety of things. You can appeal your license suspension in some states if pulled over wrongly or if the arresting officer does not make it to the hearing at the DMV. Direct mail still works but budget more towards digital marketing as this will help increase ROI.

    Social Media Is FREE!

    Social media is a great place to engage with others in the legal industry and potential clients. This can be a great place to comment on things that are happening in the area like the changing of laws. The one thing that you do not want to do is that of continually advertise making the social media account look more like a commercial. People do not want to constantly be sold on services so keep this in mind when creating the social media content for the month.

    Be Prepared To Invest Monetarily

    If you think that a few hundred dollars per month is going to cut it when it comes to digital marketing, you are dead wrong. This can cost thousands of dollars per month especially if you outsource this work to a marketing agency. Make sure that you are tracking clients gained versus your marketing spend as you might find one agency is far better than the other. Try out a few to see which will provide the best work and are the easiest to work with.

    Continually Produce Quality Content

    Continually produce quality content for both the firm’s blog and relevant publications. Laws are quite confusing to some people so explaining the processes for cases can be quite educational for the reader. Write at least one thing daily whether you publish it or not. This can act like a content bank if you have a busy day in court and cannot find time to write something for the blog.

    Digital and traditional marketing still are immensely profitable for lawyers. Do not discount digital marketing in today’s world as you could be losing out on copious amounts of clients.