How Access Controls Can Help Your Business During COVID 19?

    It’s an undeniable fact that COVID 19 has taken the entire world by storm. It has affected literally every country, every individual, and most importantly, all the businesses around the globe. However, there’s hope that one day this viral infection will come to an end. Till then, living with Covid-19 is the “new normal,” and we have to cope with the current situation no matter what. 

    Speaking of which, today, our main focus is on how businesses can use access controls to avoid the spread of this infection or at least to protect themselves and their employees from it. As businesses are opening back to normal, the coronavirus threat is still lurking around, which is why taking precautionary measures is a must. 

    How Can Access Controls Help? 

    As we all know, social distancing is what we need to practice to avoid Coronavirus’s spread of Coronavirus, we also need to avoid touching different items around. This is where access controls can help you have hands-free access to the things around you. One of the biggest examples we can quote here is of the doors, keypads, and card-readers. 

    Unlocking Doors 

    It’s normal for people to forget to lock their doors. Think of a situation where you are in the parking lot, sitting in your car, leaving for home, and all of a sudden, you just realize that you haven’t locked your office door. In this situation, you can install some sort of locking software that can be controlled with a security application on your phone. This is exactly what access control is, you can then easily lock your door by just tapping on your phone.

    Operating A Card-Reader 

    Instead of using your hands to touch the card-reader, you can use some sort of an object or your elbow covered under your shirt to operate the card-reader. We know it sounds a little too much, but at the end of the day, we need to be careful about even the little things we do and touch. You never know if the card-reader has virus particles on it. You never know where you can catch the virus from, so it’s quite a sensitive thing, and the more careful you are, the better it will be for your health. 

    Using Automatic Door Locking System For Your Office 

    Incorporating intelligent access controls can make a difference for you and your employees. The best thing to do here to install an automatic locking system at your office so that people don’t have to touch the door to lock or unlock it. In case something goes wrong with the lock, you know you can easily call a locksmith in Rochester NY, no matter where your office is. 

    Setting Up IP Video Surveillance 

    There’s just so much you can do to limit the spread of this disease and run your business at the same time. For example, setting up  IP video surveillance can be quite beneficial for you. If you don’t feel like visiting your office someday, you can easily check through your camera setup and see how things are going in your office. It’s also great for security purposes because when criminals know that there are cameras installed, they avoid breaking in, whether it’s your office or your house. 

    Overall Verdict 

    With the technology of access controls, we can together fight coronavirus and ensure that our businesses operate smoothly. To live the “new normal,” it’s time to make some changes in our workspaces, practice social distancing and use technology to minimize touching objects.