How COVID-19 Pandemic Realigns QR Code Technology Back To the Spotlight?

    QR codes are not new. They originated way back in 1994, more than two decades ago. However, they are reemerging as if they were just invented yesterday. Which begs the question, what happened?

    Believe it or not, QR codes have been consistently making an appearance throughout the years. In the early, 2000s, a lot of promotions were done with the technology. Though, at some point, it died down.

    Today, with the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the technology has seen a massive spike in overall use. What changed? Did people find more use for QR codes or did the situation let them realize the true potential of the long-forgotten technology?

    The Non-Pandemic Factor: Accessibility

    One of the major reasons why QR codes died multiple times after its inception is access. While the only thing you need to use the image is a smartphone with a camera, which was not all that abundant way back in the early 2000s.

    Smartphones back then were a luxury, rather than a common device. Plus, it only featured limited uses, which made the potential of QR codes significantly inaccessible. In the end, QR codes back then were more of a novelty rather than a practical technology.

    What Happened During the Pandemic?

    Fast forward, to a time when smartphones became more advanced. That would include three to four years prior to the pandemic. Yet, QR codes weren’t making much of a boom even then despite the availability of access.

    While the technology indeed was growing in use, not all were so avid to pull out their phone and scan the image. It could be that most saw it more of a hassle than a benefit or that people were able to do things without putting the effort to learn what it is.

    Now, when the pandemic happened, a lot of technologies were utilized to make everyday life more convenient and safer. For example, contactless forms of payments and transactions were preferred over anything else.

    In this pursuit, QR codes started being utilized in ways they hadn’t ever been used before. As a result, its potential was discovered and it led to one thing after another. From basic tracking to contactless transactions, QR codes became the number one choice.

    The Benefits of QR Codes that Made Them Stand out

    QR codes didn’t just become the norm because it made contactless transactions possible. As a matter of fact, a lot of technologies provided that. Instead, QR codes bring a lot of benefits, both big and small, that make it a more economical and practical choice.

    1. Fast

    It only takes a split second to scan a QR code, significantly much faster than any other technology available. So, it doesn’t hold up the line or make people wait which is something needed in a time of a pandemic.

    2. Cheap

    The only things you need in implementing QR codes are a QR code generator and creativity. If you can think of an application, it only takes a few clicks to create your QR code. With how cheap it is to implement; it is economically viable for all types of applications.

    3. Versatile

    QR codes allow you to put all other technologies aside. With how versatile it is, if you can think it, you can do it. So, you don’t need anything else. You can do everything with QR codes alone which decreases your expenses and puts everything you need in one place for added convenience.

    Are QR Codes Going to Disappear as the Pandemic Ends?

    What the pandemic did was let people and businesses realize the potential of QR codes. However, most of the applications that arise during the situation won’t necessarily disappear at the end of the pandemic.

    For example, a menu QR code is not going away any time soon because they serve a greater purpose, not just to address contactless transactions during the pandemic but also reduce the amount of paper used in printing them.

    So, while the pandemic exponentially increased the use of QR codes, it doesn’t mean that it would all disappear when the situation ends. Because at the end of the day, the majority of the applications have a greater purpose, whether or not there is a virus on the loose.

    What to Expect with QR Codes in the Future?

    The future of QR codes looks bright. As lockdown restriction eases and more businesses are able to get back on their feet, more applications can be found for QR codes.

    At this point, it is no longer a question of whether or not QR codes are useful, but rather, how else can they be used? They have opened a huge potential for every industry to further improve their operations and the limits are nowhere in sight.

    However, it is important to remember that the success of QR codes is mainly attributed to its ease of use. With the use of a QR code generator with a logo like QRTiger, you can ensure that the QR codes you are making become easy.