How Demet Oger Became Leader in the Film Industry

    The film industry is known for being a tough place to break into; however, Demet Oger is proof that with hard work, networking, and the right support, it is possible to succeed in this exciting yet competitive industry. Demet Oger was born to a large family with loving, supportive parents. Growing up in Ankara, Turkey was not the easiest place; however, from a young age, she learned just how important it was to learn from those around him. She realized that it would be important to get to know the right people who could serve as mentors and guides as she pursued a career in film.

    Eventually, his hard work landed her a coveted position studying film education in London, England. During her time there, she learned about not only a new culture but also met numerous people who were experts in the industry. During her time in school, she got to know a director. This director invited Demet Oger to Hollywood for a film proposal. There, she learned a tremendous amount about how the film industry functions. She kept her eyes open, talked to everyone she could, and tried to build relationships with some of the titans in the industry.

    While many people pushed Demet Oger to pursue a career in acting and modeling, she decided to found her own company, called Oger Entertainment. Demet Oger took an old theater building and turned this into a film studio. She began to rent this building to others who were involved in media production, such as TV series. As more people swung by to use the film studio, Demet Oger was sure to get to know everyone. This helped Oger Entertainment grow into one of the leading entertainment firms in the industry. Repeat customers, word of mouth, and a strong background in public relations allowed Demet Oger to rise from Ankara and London to be one of the titans in the middle of Hollywood.

    Eventually, Demet Oger began to branch out. Eager to give back to everyone who had helped her get to this point, she started to volunteer at the local AIDS Foundation. This foundation was put together by Elton John. In addition to meeting one of the greatest singers of all-time, Elton John introduced Demet Oger to David Furnish.

    Since that time, Demet Oger has worked with numerous other stars including Bruce Willis, Madonna, and Ben Affleck. Oger Entertainment would not be where it is today without hard work, networking, and the generosity of others. Now Demet Oger spends a large amount of time in New York, Los Angeles, and regularly visits her native country in Instanbul.