How job titles have changed over time

    It has been widely predicted that most of the jobs that will be available to the public in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. This isn’t a new phenomenon either, a quick look back at the job titles that have come and gone over the past few decades shows us just how much the world has changed.

    Hiscox, a business insurance specialist, have created an interactive timeline showing exactly how job titles have changed over time.  When looking through this timeline, the impact of the digital age is clear. The prevalence of computer technology and the sheer level of connectivity we all enjoy today has led to a variety of new job roles.

    As technology continues to develop and integrate itself into more areas of our lives, new job titles will continue to appear. Here are 4 awesome jobs we can see on the horizon.

    AI tech support

    “Angela, can you ring Chris? The robot’s on the fritz again.”

    We are poised on the edge of robots entering the mainstream workforce. It’s long been predicted by countless television shows, books and films that robots will work alongside us, and help us out at home, and this could soon to be a reality. But who’s going to help when the robots break down? Your friendly AI technician of course! Much like the IT techs who help countless colleagues and consumers today, AI technicians are bound to become a regular fixture on company rosters.

    Digital memorialist

    Everybody and their grandmother has at least one social media account nowadays. In a few years, people are going to be leaving behind a massive digital footprint that might need collating and pruning to ensure the dearly departed are remembered fondly.

    This is where the Digital Memorialist will step in. They will tastefully and discretely edit someone’s digital footprint to make sure they are represented online as their friends and family would want them to be.

    Simplicity expert

    It’s highly likely that in a future world filled with more options, information, and resources, things could easily get over-complicated. Business deals and transactions are likely to become a lot more difficult to navigate, but fortunately the Simplicity Expert will be there to make things easier for you. Their primary role will be to streamline any issues that arise during deals. Unnecessary administrative processes will be eliminated, and days’ worth of work reduced to just a few hours.

    The Simplicity Expert will boost productivity and efficiency and will be employable across any industry you can imagine.


    So many people would give anything to step back in time. With the help of a Nostalgist, they can feel like they’re doing just that. The Nostalgist is part-interior decorator, part-historian and aims to accurately recreate a certain moment in history within a defined space, be it a single room or an entire building. They will bring decorations, fixtures and furnishings together with amazing attention to detail and historic accuracy in a way that makes you feel like you are in a different era.

    This sector is thought to be particularly attractive to senior citizens. With the Nostalgist’s help, they will be able to live healthily and happily as if still in the decade that they most associate with happy memories.