How Should a Car Racing Suit Fit

Like many people, you probably don’t know your racing suit size.

And we don’t blame you – there is a lot of conflicting information about racing suit sizing. For example, some resources recommend that you take your measurements while standing up while others suggest you do it while sitting down.

It’s imperative that your suit fits so that you can ride comfortably and safely. If you are unsure about how to find the right car racing suit size, this guide should come in handy. Read on to know what to look for in terms of size and fit.

How to Measure Your Auto Racing Suit

A sizing chart will save you time and money when shopping for car racing suits. To know your accurate suit size, you need someone to take your measurements of the following:

  • Height: Stand up straight against a wall (with no shoes) and let someone measure your height from the floor to the top of your head
  • Chest: Get the measurements of the fullest part of your chest as well as under the arms
  • Inseam: Stand against the wall and let someone measure the height from your crotch to the floor
  • Waist: Measure your natural waistline a little above the hips
  • Hip: Measure the fullest part of your hips just below your waistline

With these measurements, you can know the exact fit of your suit even when shopping online.

What to Look for When Choosing a Fitting Nascar Racing Suit

Besides knowing your measurements, you need to ensure maximum comfort and accuracy. Consider the factors below:


Drivers will choose light racing suits to save as much weight as they can. A lightweight suit offers better breathability and helps reduce fatigue in longer races.

Ultimately, this improves your driving safety and performance. The lightest suit weighs around 235gr/m2.


Traditionally, race suits were made from a single layer of protective materials. But with updated safety requirements and technological advancements, we have 2- and 3-layered suits today. The additional layers provided greater fire protection for the drivers.

When fitting race suits, keep in mind that the more layers, the more the bulk.

Comfort and Fit

Modern race suits come with a variety of features such as floating sleeves, breathable materials, and stretch panels to improve the driver’s freedom of movement. As a result, you can make quick movements in this suit while on the road.


Car racing suits for sale have continental sizing ranging from 44-64, with each size having some leeway on how they fit different parts of the body.

Made-to-measure options are offered by most suit manufacturers at an additional cost, especially for women’s car racing suits. You can also find children’s racing car suits of all sizes.

Ensure your suit have some little room for proper ventilation.

Get a Fitting Car Racing Suit to Boost Your Performance

Over the years, the motorsport industry has seen significant improvements in racewear from head to toe. Today’s race suits are comfortable and effectively combat the challenges and dangers that came with high-adrenaline racing.

If you’re shopping for a car racing suit that fits your body, utilize a sizing chart to make the process easier.

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