How the Media Can Be Influential

    The media can be very influential in both positive and negative ways. Those who have had careers in media like Ken Kurson know how difficult it can be to have an unbiased opinion on certain topics. Many journalists have a hard time being neutral on certain topics and it translates into their work. Cyberbullying is a way the media can have a negative impact on some people.

    In addition, those who are exposed to harmful content on social media can form a negative option on someone or something just based on the opinions of their peers. It’s important to investigate every part of the media before forming a proper opinion on a given subject. 

    In conclusion, the media can be influential via advertisements. The industry has correlated with pretty much every single media outlet in the world to deliver revenue to companies. The whole point of advertising is to influence people to purchase goods from companies, Even experts like Ken Kurson have admitted to being intrigued to purchase an unnecessary item from the media just because of advertising.