How to Become a Content Writer about Cryptocurrency

    Being a content writer is easy, especially if you are passionate about writing and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. You need to be able to persuade your audience, stay updated on cryptocurrency trends and relate well with your consumers. 

    Crypto Content Writing

    Content writing is compelling, engaging, and has insightful content on cryptocurrencies. You should be aware of the basics of content writing to begin writing content. 

    Basics for Content Writing

    Here are the basics you should know as you become a content writer:

    • You must know how to write compelling articles that persuade your readers to keep on reading.
    • Find your niche and handle its topics, as this makes you a competent writer. You can choose the niche where you command a lot of knowledge.
    • Diversify the writing styles you are comfortable in handling. There are several styles, such as blog posts, emails, and white papers.
    • Use simple and understandable words for a better readability score.
    • Write on topics that interest you. With experience, you will know what interests you and what does not.
    • Regularly practice content writing to stand out from the rest.
    • Learn to write interesting and SEO-optimized headlines.

    Necessary Skills for a Writer

    • Know how blockchain operates
    • Make financial analysis
    • Understand cryptography and securities
    • Know how smart contracts work
    • Know what regulations and compliance entail

    Where to Learn to Write Crypto Content

    To become a crypto content writer, you must learn content writing, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. You will become a specialist in both fields if you master these skills. Some of the recommended online sites that train you to write content include:

    • HubSpot Academy
    • Skillshare
    • Open2study
    • Udemy

    Here are the recommended online sites to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency: 

    • Udemy
    • IBM
    • Coursera
    • Khan Academy

    Tips to become a Crypto Content Writer

    • Write a lot of cryptocurrency news and initial coin offerings.
    • Enroll in a cryptocurrency and a content writing course from the recommended sites.
    • There are free and paid courses and YouTube videos that offer basic knowledge.
    • Read extensively on blockchains and crypto. The knowledge you will obtain from literature materials is worth the time spent. 

    Do I Require Authentication to Become a Crypto Content Writer? 

    Certification is not required, but it would help you. You can become a writer If you make an effort to learn about cryptocurrencies every day and train how to write. Once you receive the training, the next step would be to earn money. So head out and market your skills to attract long-term clients. 

    Where to Find Jobs

    You can find jobs online on social platforms, Quora, and blog posts. 

    Social Media

    Create and post relevant content on social media sites to attract a following. Your content can also be in the form of videos.

    Setup Your website

    Buy a domain and host your website without any limits. Compare the packages of hosting services before buying a domain. 

    Start a Blog

    A blog makes you come across as a professional to your audience. Furthermore, it is an excellent platform to display your talent and work samples. Thus, a blog is a great avenue to market your competency as a writer.


    Anyone can become a content writer about cryptocurrency as long as they have the passion and understand it. However, you need to identify your niche to be a competent writer.