How to Choose a Camping Tent

    If you are planning a camping weekend or an extended stay, your tent will be of crucial importance on the trip. The wrong kind of shelter can lead to a lousy experience and can even cost you financially. With that in mind, we wanted to compile a small guide on how to choose your tent and what are the most important things that you need to think of!

    With some practical advice and these tips, we hope you will choose the right kind for you and make your camping experience the best you can! 

    The Weather Conditions

    Tents are made differently with different environments in mind. We have summer tents, three-season tents but also winter types! 

    Summer tents will have better ventilation, be more lightweight! A three-season one will be an all-around choice, and of course, the winter ones will be that will provide more protection from the elements! Even if you are not the most hardcore camper, the weather can change in a snap, and the cheapest tent may not endure it! 

    The Material

    Make sure that you know what material is your tent built of. The two most common types are canvas and nylon. Both materials are waterproof, but be sure that those cheap tents will not always be waterproof, even if they say so. 

    Canvas is more long-lasting, but it will get cumbersome when wet, so if you plan on hiking or changing locations, that won’t be a good option. 

    Nylon will deteriorate faster under the elements, but they will be lighter to carry!

    A crucial part of your tent, which you may overlook at first, are the zippers! Make sure that the zipper is none rusting and that it slides easily. The tent poles can also cause trouble in the long run; the low-quality ones will rust quickly and bend, so that can cause discomfort. Luckily you can upgrade these and just buy better ones! To check out some tents and learn more you could visit

    Size of the tent and how many people will use it

    If it’s a four person tent, count that two people can sleep there. You will have a lot of gear and personal items, so those numbers won’t always match. The best bet would be if you will have a group of three, a six people tent would be ideal so everybody will have enough space. Especially in bad weather conditions, the extra space will be a godsend!  Will you put sleeping bags or maybe an inflatable bed there? We suggest that you really plan this and be sure that everybody will be happy!


    Big tents can be super heavy, even carrying it from the car to the campsite can be exhausting! Some may not even fit in your vehicle if it’s not big enough! Before committing, please think of how you will transport it and do you need to carry the tent around! 

    Flooring and Ventilation

    These two features are for the end, but they can be super important! It would help if you had something in between the floor and you, to keep your items dry and to keep you safe also. Bringing an extra tarp can be a smart idea to put it between you and the ground!

    Ventilation can be a deal-breaker when it’s warmer! You don’t want to wake up in a damp, sweaty tent, and we can’t stress enough how this can ruin your experience! So also be aware of that! 

    So with that, we want to say that more money will get your better quality, but the current market is big enough, and you may find something suitable that is in your budget! So, good luck, shopping and preparing for your next camping trip!