How To Choose An Appropriate Style For Home Rain Gutters

    Every single house has a distinct architectural appearance. Due to this, choosing every element can influence how attractive the house is. This does include choosing a good rain gutter style, one that actually blends with the existing features. If the gutters do not blend with the rest of the home, it is a certainty the experience will not be wonderful. Curb appeal is instantly reduced.

    Every single home is different but some general recommendations can help. It is always advised to work with a professional gutter installation Denver company to get assistance but you can start your research with the following suggestions.

    Spanish Colonial Architecture

    This is an architecture type that is really popular in some parts of the US, including California. The popularity of the style is now growing, with so many of the modern homes being built with the use of Spanish Colonial architectural style.

    Most Spanish Colonial homes are located in areas that are rainy so gutters are mandatory. Half-round gutters are recommended because of two main advantages:

    • Due to the shape, debris is not trapped. This means cleaning is not as frequent as with the traditional gutters.
    • Width and size will allow carrying a lot of water without ending up overflowing.

    Tudor Revival Architecture

    Such homes tend to have numerous chimneys and became really popular as the nineteenth century ended. You can often see the style used on the US East Coast. Just like with the Spanish Colonial architecture, you can use half-round gutters but you normally choose those that are made out of copper. This is because aged copper is a common element of Tudor style.

    Colonial Revival Architecture

    This house style is elegant and sturdy, normally featuring columned patios leading up towards entryways. You will also often notice prominent chimneys, shuttered windows and brick walls. Roofs often have some flat sides. This is why you want to consider using K-style gutters. This does resemble crown molding in appearance and will seamlessly blend with the overall architectural style of the home. The K-style gutter is capable of holding a lot of water so if heavy rainfall is present, a double advantage appears.

    California Bungalow Architecture

    The California bungalow is often characterized by the presence of a sloped roof and exposed interior rafters. The highly popular gutter type present is the original one made out of wood. Such a choice is definitely aesthetically appealing but it is not at all practical. Since the gutter is made out of wood, replacements are often needed.

    A much better choice would be the K-shape gutter. Even the half-round gutter is better. Both of these are highly durable and will not distract from main architectural features. The use of K-shape gutters is recommended if you want the true American look but the half-round gutter is preferred by some because of a more traditional appearance. In many projects by designers we see the use of half-round gutters made out of aluminum, which is a really good long-term option that is affordable. Alternatively, the use of iron for the half-round gutters can be considered for really low maintenance work.