How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Setup in Your Restaurant

    Kitchen setups are not just for home kitchens. Restaurants have to have them too. Even if they are a fast food restaurant, there still needs to be efficient grills, utensils, fridge space for fresh ingredients and much more to prepare the best tasting meals. You can create this efficient kitchen by following these tips below:

    Create the Perfect Set Up

    If you have a big enough facility, put your kitchen in an open area so that all staff members can easily communicate with one another (and across departments). If it’s not possible to place your kitchen where everyone can see what’s going on, consider using TVs/monitors or other visual technology that will allow you to monitor activity remotely.

    Kitchen Equipment 

    Make sure that all equipment is in good working order and that it’s the appropriate size for your kitchen staff. Be sure to add a few extra pieces of key tools, such as a noodle strainer or tongs.

    Designate Space 

    In most kitchens, there should be designated space for each major work station: line prep stations, stove tops, ovens and sinks. This will make cooking more efficient and reduce clutter by providing a place specifically for everything needed at one station.

    Pick Efficient Appliances

    Besides just looking efficient, it’s important to choose appliances that are efficient enough to save you money on electricity costs without sacrificing taste or presentation. When planning your efficient appliance choices, pay attention to the cubic feet inside the unit itself. Although many efficient appliances are front-loading, the best designs use all of the available space you give them.

    Clean as You Go

    When preparing food for customers, always clean as you go to reduce the risk of cross contamination and accidents that will waste time later on.

    Use Your Space Efficiently

    If your kitchen is small or crowded, don’t be afraid to get creative with using storage space wisely. Even if it means making another trip to the storeroom, plan ahead to avoid wasting precious minutes hunting down an ingredient or utensil at a critical moment in meal prep. Just make sure everything has its place within reach and clearly labeled so anyone can find anything they need quickly and easily.

    Add Some Personal Touches

    To give your kitchen personality, add some personal touches like photos or other items that reflect what makes your restaurant special. When employees feel valued in their jobs, they’re also much more likely to be happy and hardworking in producing quality food in a timely manner for all who come through your doors.

    Be Flexible 

    Remember that you’re in the hospitality business and that guests will come with many preferences and needs. Prepare yourself for a variety of needs and circumstances by always having at least one or two back up plans ready to go in case your menu options don’t work out quite the way you expected.

    Always Have Fun! 

    Put some energy into creating a positive, fun atmosphere so your staff members don’t dread coming to work each day. Instead, they’ll feel excited about their jobs and eager to help customers have an enjoyable experience when they visit your restaurant.