How To Find The Best Tutor From Tutor Apps ?

    Tutoring is the latest addition to the online service mobile application platform. There were times when we need to find a tutor either for a school student or a college student, and we usually go by word of recommendation from friends and family. Sometimes, the best tutor will be far away from home which makes the commuting time longer and tiresome for younger kids. In recent years, these tutor apps like Magic Ears; along with the smartphone technology have seamlessly emerged in the education industry with a potential to grow in coming years.

    Here Are Some Things To Consider When Choosing A Tutor From The Online Tutor App

    • Tutor Credentials 

    Before selecting a tutor, check in their credentials like their primary qualification, experience in the teaching field and any subject wise certificates and their level of expertise. Suppose if you are choosing for your child, check whether the tutor has mentored similar age students before.

    • Tutoring Method

    Ask for what type of teaching strategies they will be using in the course of time. Like some tutors will give the students a small assessment test or quiz to check if the student understood the concepts, but some teachers will keep the assessments test only after completing a chapter like after a month.

    Learning the concepts through writing is an effective way to remember the subject. Ask if the tutor provide enough worksheets and exercises and cover all the areas in a topic equally. If possible, you can ask for a sample worksheet which the tutor created for the students to get an idea.

    • 24/7 Availability

    Whatever the tutor teaches in the session should be made available as a transcript in a web-based platform like, cloud or saved in a google drive, so that the students can access at any time of the day. Mainly, for college students who prefer to revise at the odd hours at night, so making the materials available online is a great way to review them several times.

    • Select A Tutor Based On Your Need 

    Some students will be a slow learner, or some will be more into a visual learner kind. Whatever the student type is, the tutor should be given a hint of student’s learning speed and how he/she will be comfortable in teaching methods. For example, for a visual learner, teaching a simple science of float/sink objects, if the tutor explains it with a practical model, it will be more beneficial to the student.

    • Syllabus 

    Also, it is essential to know the syllabus in which they are comfortable to teach the students. As there are a wide range of curriculum available to school students, and each one has a different level of hardness in each subject, it is a better idea to ask if the tutor has experience in teaching that particular syllabus. Even if they are new to a specific curriculum, it is essential to know the teaching pattern so that the student will not get confused at school.

    This is mainly for Math subject, where there are some different methods to solve a problem and analyze the standard way to teach the student.

    • Positive Reinforcement

    Many tutors always have a bonus to reward to their students if they do well in the monthly or weekly assessments. It can be anything related to a subject like DIY science kit which they have learned in the sessions or a link to a white paper for a college student to help them write their research papers. These practices motive the students of any age.

    • Competitive Exams

    Like an add-on feature, check with your tutor if they have experience in general aptitude exams, for high school students like NEET, OLYMPIAD or for a college-level student to train them in GRE/TOEFL or any other exams outside the school/college syllabus.

    • Cost

    When it is coming to cost, paying a tutor with expertise knowledge who puts extra effort in helping the student to understand the concepts of any subject in a more practical model is way more important than the tutor’s fee. Unlike other services, the quality of the education comes as a priority while choosing for a right tutor and cost comes next.

    Make a brilliant step in helping to build a strong foundation of knowledge for your kids, by supporting them with the right guidance and available resources like online tutor apps.