How To Get Organized Before Moving Day

    Moving into a new house can be a difficult job. It can be tough to know exactly what to do when. In which can lead to the move being a disaster of planning. It can also lead to stress due to everyone being at each other’s throats. There is a simpler way to go about packing up the house. It is important to stay organized and strong in the times before the move to prevent stress during an already stressful move from one house to the other. There are several steps that can be taken to aid in the process of moving out.

    Contact Post Office

    The first step to take when making a change of address and when moving is to go to change-of-address-online and inform them of the change. It is wise to inform them when the change of address will start and when the old address that you used to live in will no longer be applicable. Another major step is to consider whether it is important to place a hold on the mail that you will be receiving between moving. If a hold on the mail is deemed important, the website can be used to inform the mail people of this. After the move is done and everything is adjusted, they can also be used to inform the people that deliver the mail of when they can start delivering the mail again along with the new location that they would be delivering the mail to.

    Create a Checklist

    The next major step when moving is to make a checklist of all that must be done before moving out of the old home can be complete. It is important to include on the checklist all the things that must be packed up and ready to go so that nothing is left behind or forgotten about when it is too late to pack up more. The next step for packing up belongings that must be included on the list of things to pack up is what belongings would be better off being donated instead of being moved over. Some kinds of furniture may be too old or too ragged to keep anymore and donating them to someone who finds more use of it and can potentially preen it up and make it look new may be the best option. To keep everything that must be packed up all in check, especially if the checklist runs longer than a few pages, it is important to keep all the needed pages in a binder. The acts to keep the checklist as well as any other important papers together.

    Make a Schedule

    The next major step is to make a schedule of times to pack up to aid in making the job of packing everything up a much smoother process. One of the major reasons to make a schedule is to help keep everyone on track as to when to pack up certain rooms. Children can have difficulty remembering when to pack up, so a schedule can help keep them on track. Another major reason is to keep track of when the people that are helping with the move will arrive. A schedule also helps to keep track of the time that the movers will arrive at the new home. It is also quite important to make a checklist to ensure that all the important events that aren’t directly associated with the move are made time for. This includes such events as work, appointments, cooking, and other daily activities that are important to remember and too important to be postponed.

    Use Colors, Labels, and Lists

    Once a checklist has been made and a schedule to compliment the checklist is created, the next step to follow when moving is to pack everything that is needed to be moved up. While doing so, it is important to use colors, labels, and a list of what moving boxes go to what room. The best way to use the colors is to use them to help to color code the moving boxes to be specific for each room as well as to note the belongings of each person in the case of a shared room or a shared room becoming two separate rooms. After this, it is important to then label the boxes depending on what rooms they belong to and what is inside of them. From there, the list keeps track of everything. The list is of what moving box numbers contain which items that have been packed up as well as for what room they have been packed up for.

    Contact Utilities

    The next step when moving into a new home is to contact the supplier of the utility services, such as water or gas, of the old house and get them disconnected at the old house to get the new supplier connected at the new house. It is important to contact the current utility service provider to set up a plan to disconnect the utilities. It is equally important to contact the new utility service provider to set up the time that is best to start up the new utility service for the new house. One thing to remember about the utility services is that they only work when the homeowner or renter is present. It is important to be there when they are trying to set up the new utilities to get them set up.


    A major step when moving into a new house is packing everything in the house up and getting the old house emptied. The first major step when packing is to set up a scheduled time in which to pack everything up. Packing up and getting everything ready to go can be quite difficult and can take a serious toll on energy levels. Due to this, it is quite important to remember to take breaks when needed to prevent from becoming overworked. Even when working meticulously and giving enough time to keep energy high, it is equally important to have the boxes that are needed to be packed up and have them packed up and prepared for when moving day does finally arrive. The movers are there to help move the larger objects, but they can just as easily move boxes onto their truck for ease of transport.


    A final step that can help to make packing easier is figuring out what items to keep and which to get rid of. Objects that are no longer needed or wanted can be sold for a little extra money. A garage sale can help to raise money and get rid of old items that are no longer wanted or needed. Another possibility for the old and unwanted items is to donate them to a local charity group. Another possibility to help clear the clutter and make packing easier is to throw away broken or torn items that are no longer usable. A final possibility to get rid of items to help clear space for the move is to clean out the attic and/or the basement of any unneeded items that may be there.

    Moving out can be difficult, especially when moving out of a house that the family has grown attached to. Still, it is a necessary part of life to either downgrade or upgrade the living quarters depending on financial situation. One of the most important things to remember for your move is a change of address, which can be accomplished at