How to Get Out of iPhone DFU Mode

    The DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is a low-level mode of updating the device firmware. It refers to an emergency and is recognized by iTunes when the device is connected to the computer as a recovery mode. In this case, the iPhone works without loading the system shell, so the device does not respond to keystrokes and does not turn on the display. Unlike Recovery Mode, in which the screen displays the icon iTunes and cable. DFU is used to update or restore the device firmware only in cases where the standard tools for such an operation are no longer suitable. In some cases, this mode helps to fix a minor software failure and allows you to reboot in normal mode. DFU can be recognized only in one way – to connect the device to the computer. iTunes will immediately recognize the mode and will display the corresponding message.

    iPhone can enter DFU mode for various reasons: software crashes, damage to the motherboard, iPhone Crash or even after water gets on the inside. Such incidents can provoke not only the entrance to the DFU, but also to the Recovery mode – in this case, information from the device can at least be recovered. But the odds are very small. Users of the iPhone often faced with a problem in the process of flashing the iPhone and upgrading to a new iOS system, the problem is that the iPhone hangs in DFU mode. Especially after jailbreaking the iPhone, it is easier to slow down in this mode. In this case, how to get out of iPhone DFU mode. We provide several methods.

    How to exit DFU mode with Tenorshare ReiBoot

    It supports to exit any freezes by one click, for example, hangs on the apple logo after upgrading to a new iOS system, hangs in a black screen, hangs in the blue screen of death, or hangs during startup, jailbreak, etc. Also supports all iPhone, touch player. First download you have to download the app and install it on your computer so that you can run it. Connect your iPhone to your system using USB cables. And then it recognizes your device, click “Enter recovery mode”, then your device is already out of DFU mode. After that, click “Exit recovery mode”, wait a bit and the device will restart safely. In this process, do not unplug the device.

    One clicks this program can solve the hang, besides, if the iPhone hangs in recovery mode (recovery mode), in iTunes mode, in update mode, in shutdown mode, in headphones mode, it always allows you to get out of the hang.

    Other ways to solve the iPhone hung in DFU mode

    Now, if you entered your iPhone DFU mode, you can take the phone out of it using a normal restart – hold down the buttons and Home + Power for 10 seconds. The phone will reboot and will work as usual. If after connecting the cable and holding it for 10 seconds Home + Power, the phone cannot start, then press the Power button and it will turn on.