How to Improve Your Hiring Process Without Compromising Quality

    If you are a corporate veteran and are well aware of the intricacies of the hiring section of your organization, you should be well aware of how expensive your hiring process can be. Not only in terms of costs of actual hiring, but hiring the wrong person for a position can prove to be quite a risky affair and can further increase your cost factors. 

    If you are checking out the options for the best possible experience in improving your hiring quality, the tips outlined in this compilation should be helpful to you. 

    Make sure your job ads are clear enough 

    Instead of keeping your job boards and job descriptions boring and bland, make them more exciting and filled with clarity. If you are using catchy phrases, you may end up with a vast number of applicants, but most of them may be unqualified.

    Clarity about the job opening will ensure a better standard when it comes to handling your job ads. Concise and realistic terms would be the right options you would find rather impressive. Emphasising core duties of the role that is advertised for would be one of the prominent options in the long run. Opting for the perfect applicant tracking systems such as Greenhouse applicant tracking system can definitely prove to be quite handy in the long run. 

    Improve your retention plans

    Of course, a more vigorous sourcing process can be a key for reducing the cost of employment. But, reducing the actual roles you need to fill can be helpful in the long run. If you have been a recruitment veteran, you would be aware that retaining the passive candidates can be proved to be one of the best techniques.

    In fact, it has been found that more than 70 per cent of the workforce is passive and that would mean they would not switch jobs unless it is absolutely necessary or they are extremely unhappy with their current job. Retaining this passive workforce should be the key to achieving a better degree of performance. It can be an excellent option to reduce the cost of recruiting. 

    Use automation tool to reduce costs 

    Using automation tools such as applicant tracking systems can be one of the excellent options for achieving the best possible recruitment strategy and help you get access to powerful tools that can be a great option to improve cost-cutting.

    These automated tools can help you track and analyze a virtually huge amount of data. You can analyze the efficiency of the hiring process with these automated technologies and apply the corrective measures wherever needed. Use of recruitment metrics is what would further simplify the recruitment process and make it more cost-effective.

    Social media recruitment techniques 

    Social media services have ceased to be what they used to just a few years ago. Social media services such as Facebook and LinkedIn can help you achieve the best standards in an enhanced recruitment process. 

    Social media profiles and sites can be what would help you improve the company profile and can also be helpful in achieving the best standards in improving the online presence of your company. In fact, the brand image or the employer image should be what makes you one of the most sought after employers, and social media profiles should be what should help you achieve a better employer image.

    Employee Referral program 

    Employees are your asset, and they can be the right option to help you get access to the best possible talent without having to incur any substantial cost. Of course, employee referral comes with the monetary benefits such as bonus payments, but the overall cost associated with the recruiting process can definitely be lower.

    Employee referral has been one of the most widely used options since time immemorial. Of course, it has been used as an informal mode of the recruitment process. However, the modern age recruitment specialists have been focusing on the employee referral as one of the best recruitment strategies.

    Well, there are several ways you can focus on the best strategies for improving your recruitment strategy without the need for compromising the quality of recruitment. Buying automated recruitment tools, using efficient social media tools and opting for the best retention plans for your existing employees are just a few of them.