How to Keep Your Hair Healthy During Summer

    Everyone loves the summer. But, we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves from sunburns. However, most people are focused on protecting their eyes and skin but often forget about their hair. Summer can also be very challenging for our hair and it can create some serious issues.

    Things like damaged locks, oily scalps, and even different hair colors are just some of the consequences of exposing your hair to strong sunlight. For these reasons and many others, you need to take the necessary steps to protect your hair during the summer and keep it healthy.

    Here are some things you can do.

    Hats can be lifesavers

    Try to cover your hair as often as you can when you’re outside and exposed to direct sunlight. Heat and direct sunlight exposure are the biggest enemies of your hair. Wearing hats, scarfs, or caps can help you get the necessary protection. Your head will get less heat, and you won’t be exposed to direct UV rays.

    At the same time, due to less heat, your scalp will be able to retain moisture, which leads to fewer hair follicle damage. Even though the primary concern during the summer is often heat and sunlight exposure, a hat can also help protect your hair from other elements like the wind.

    If your hair gets tangled up easily, wearing a hat will help prevent this from happening. 

    Additionally, any color-treated hair needs this kind of protection, or it will quickly get damaged.

    UV protection if a hat doesn’t work

    In case you don’t like wearing hats, or you simply can’t wear them all the time, consider getting UV protection for your hair. Similarly like our skin, our hair needs protection as it can get damaged and even burned in some severe cases.

    Both UVB and UVA rays go deep through the hair-shaft, cause the hair to change color, dry out, make it duller, break, and cause split ends. Luckily, there are many products you can get to block these harmful rays and protect your hair from damages.

    There are different oils, protective sprays, creams, and shampoos you can purchase and apply before going out. There are even products you can use when you are swimming, and they will give you protection from water as well as the sun.

    Sun + Conditioner

    A conditioner is a must when out in the sun. It has some of the best protective and revitalizing effects. At the same time, apart from protecting your hair, it makes it look better. Before you head out to enjoy all the fun summer activities, apply a hair conditioner in any type or form.

    Soak up your hair in conditioner and leave it that way for a couple of minutes before rinsing out and then stepping into sunlight. This is how you will ensure that your hair has absorbed all those protective, nourishing, and rejuvenating ingredients that will give your hair the ability to withstand all outside factors.

    Dealing with a receding hairline

    People with a receding hairline can suffer even more during the summer and for them, it’s particularly important to take the necessary steps towards protecting their scalp and hair. Their scalps are more exposed to direct sunlight, meaning that there are higher chances of getting burned.

    This could lead to a lot of pain and peeling which looks awful. Apart from wearing necessary protection to prevent further damage it’s also worthwhile to work on that receding hairline. If you can’t combat the issue in any way, simply take all of the hair off and apply a strong sunscreen on your head.

    On the other hand you can also consider a laser cap treatment like Illumiflow’s LLLT, which you can do before or after you’ve enjoyed outdoor activities to help you regrow your hair. You can also use various essential oils that will not only nourish hair growth but give you important vitamins for the summer.


    We can’t stress how important it is to drink as much water as possible during the summer. Water will help your mind and body but also do amazing things for your hair. It hydrates your scalp and hair and no amount of any product can make up for the lack of water in your system.

    Drink at least 2 liters of water every day to get hydrated. Additionally, avoid eating a lot of salty and calorie-filled foods and replace them with nourishing vegetables and fruits which have lots of water and vitamin C in them.


    Taking care of your hair during the summer requires a bit of effort but it’s every bit worth it. Follow the advice given and you will be able to enjoy your summer freely and have your hair feeling and looking healthy. 

    Vladimir Ilic

    The fitness world has always intrigued me, and that’s why I gravitate towards weightlifting, healthy dieting and supplementation as the main subject of my writing. I’ve been at this for several years, and you could say that, apart from playing bass and hitting the gym, exploring the impact of dieting on fitness is one of my greatest passions.