How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free During Winter Months

How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free During Winter Months

Most people think summer is the season to worry about household pests. But when winter’s chill comes, rodents and insects want to escape the cold. Pests like rodents, roaches, and ants become uninvited house guests. Here’s how to keep your home pest-free this winter.

Keep a Clean House

Pests like roaches and rodents seek out clutter to provide them with safe places to hide. They especially enjoy checking in to a dark and disorderly attic or basement. Tackle clutter on a day-by-day basis so hiding spots are reduced. Empty the trash regularly and don’t let cardboard boxes or paper bags pile up.

Don’t Forget Outdoors

Untrimmed trees and bushes, fallen leaves, and other debris outside the home attract pests. Avoid a possible pest infestation by keeping bushes and trees trimmed and leaves raked or blown away from the house. Keep gutters free of rotting leaves. Clean up any standing water outdoors to deter breeding bugs. If you use firewood, make sure to store it away from the house.

Keep Moisture Away

Moisture on surfaces in the home attracts pests as well as gives a place for mold and mildew to grow. Keep floors wiped up from the snow brought in on boots and don’t let wet towels or clothing lay on the bathroom floor. Check for dampness in the basement, garage, and attic. Check frequently for pooled water that may indicate a leak. A dehumidifier will help if moisture gets out of control.

Don’t Make Food Accessible

The pests that invade your home in winter will be searching for something to eat. If spilled food and crumbs are left on countertops, it’s an open invitation for dinner to mice, rats, and roaches. Clean up crumbs and food spills as soon as they happen. Wipe down counters after preparing meals. All dry food such as bread, beans, rice, nuts, snack foods, and pet food should be kept in sealed containers.

Seal All Entry Points

Tightly sealing all entry points around the house will keep out both pests and the cold. First, check your home’s foundation for holes, cracks, or fractures and seal any you find. Next, look for small openings around windows and doors and seal any cracks or gaps with caulking or weather stripping.

Don’t overlook inspecting your roof. Make repairs to damage and replace any missing or broken shingles. A roof in good repair will keep rodents and squirrels out. If you have a chimney and vents, cover them with screens to keep out pests while allowing air to exit.

Enlist a Pest Control Service

If all this sounds like a lot of work, there is a smarter solution. Look for a pest control service near you that offers a bi-annual or tri-annual service. They have the knowledge and equipment to protect your home from a long list of common household pests.

It’s important to protect your home and family from pests. Many of them either damage your home, carry germs that can make you sick, or both. With a professional pest control service, you’ll have peace of mind this winter and the year around.