How to Navigate the Car Buying Process

    Buying a car can seem like a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive task. While you should put thought into purchasing your next vehicle, buying a car should be an exciting time. Whether it’s a sweet 16 or a new job, buying a car often marks important moments in one’s lifetime. With that in mind, here are a few easy steps to take to buy a car.


    Researching vehicles is paramount to buying a new car. Start by reading online car reviews by experts and owners. Experts offer professional outlooks on the vehicle and the features, but owner reviews give you realistic outlooks on what using the car on a daily basis is like. Make sure to read all the reviews you can find, as both types will be beneficial.

    After reading reviews and familiarizing yourself with potential vehicles, check out dealerships near you. A car dealership in Enfield, CT, will have different availability and deals than a car dealership in Groton, CT, so look at different dealerships to compare and contrast all potential options.


    It’s important to take your financial capabilities into consideration, so looking at a variety of makes and models on the market is often worth it. Additionally, stay open-minded and check out both used and new cars. Some buyers consider only new car options, but buying a used car can save you a lot of money in the long run.

    Loan options

    Most individuals buying a new vehicle need to take out a loan. When viewing loan options, don’t underestimate the amount you’ll need to cover your car payments. In order to avoid late or default payments, you should consider how much you typically spend and make in a month and how much you’ll need to pay off the loan.

    There are other costs involved beyond the upfront vehicle sticker price. Finance charges and optional add-ons, including extended warranties, should also be taken into consideration when taking out your loan.

    Before searching for the car you’re going to buy, consider getting a preapproved loan. Preapproved loans allow you to enter the car buying process with a set idea of what you can afford and what you can’t. Instead of convincing yourself you’ll be able to afford a more expensive vehicle, you’ll be able to focus on negotiating a fair price.

    Take your time

    Since the process of buying a new car is costly, don’t make any hasty or spontaneous decisions. After conducting all of your online research, contacting nearby dealerships and lenders, and test-driving potential vehicles, you’ll probably just want to finish the process and buy a car.


    Many people buy a car within a few days of looking around, but it’s important to take your time. Taking a step back and considering your options will help you make the best decision and get the best deal for your new car. Remember that this vehicle will last you a significant amount of time: you’ll be driving it every day and incurring regular costs for it. Taking your time will also make you feel more confident about your final decision.


    Once you’ve finished the process and bought your new car, don’t forget to ask the salesperson for a final walk-through. A final walk-through is, essentially, the salesperson showing you how to use the car, including the controls, how to connect to Bluetooth, etc. It’s necessary to learn about all the features your new car has to offer and read the user’s manual. All in all, buying a car isn’t a simple process, so make sure to congratulate yourself when it’s done with.