How To Prep Your Backyard for Summer Parties with Friends

    Summer means outdoor fun and backyard entertaining. Are you ready to make the most of the season? With the necessary preparations, your backyard can be an oasis of fun and relaxation.

    Tidy Up

    As the weather warms, you may find that your backyard has become a home to some unfamiliar plants and even animals. A safe and fun space should be clear of hazards like tangled weeds, insect nests, fallen debris, and hazardous plants. Start by walking through the high-traffic areas and then move outward into your yard. As you tidy, think of ways you might like to use those spaces. Any hardware or home improvement store will have what you need. But don’t be afraid to call a professional for pest control or landscaping needs if you feel overwhelmed or would rather outsource.

    Weathering Nature

    Summer storms can be unpredictable, but a warm gentle rain can be a treat when enjoyed from under cover. Consider your space and where you think people will congregate. You can use large umbrellas to provide cover from a drizzle and shade in the hot afternoon sun. Strategically placed fans will keep everyone cool and can help fend off mosquitoes. Consult your local extension office to learn about your area pests and how best to manage them. Safeguard your main entertaining areas. Prepare your yard well in advance of any events so that you can be sure mother nature doesn’t crash your party.

    Set the Stage

    Guests will gather where they feel most comfortable. Provide adequate seating and surfaces for eating, drinking, and playing games. Be mindful of the space around your seating areas so that everyone is able to move without bumping into each other. Consider adding a fire pit to your yard or patio to add light and warmth in the evening. String lights, path lights, rope lighting, candles, and floating pool lights are all good ways to illuminate the night. Paths should be clearly visible and any area with seating or tables should have ambient lighting. Design options are highly customizable and can turn a grassy yard into a breathtaking little venue. You can easily transform your space yourself or you could consult a landscaping professional for help or to manage a whole redesign.

    Activities and Technology

    The right gadgets, toys, and appliances can take parties from day to night and keep everyone occupied. Music is a must for most gatherings. Bring out a boombox, wire your deck or patio with hidden speakers, or place a wireless speaker on a table. Grills, outdoor bars, mini-fridges, and ice makers can make hosting easier and more enjoyable. However, buckets and coolers can work just as well. Adding some charging stations for phones is also a nice touch. You may think hula hoops and glow sticks are just for kids, but the young at heart love them, too. Put out the yard toys, bubbles, and playing cards. Solo cups and ping pong balls are another fun addition and can be just as easily filled with lemonade as beer for games.

    Outdoor entertaining can be for every setting and every budget. Keeping guests comfortable and facilitating fun are the goals to keep in mind as you get your backyard, deck, or patio ready for some Summer get-togethers and parties.