How To Prevent Your Driver’s License From Being Cancelled

    DWI offenses and their consequences are serious. It’s the main reason for having your driver’s license canceled, too. All it takes is spending a week without a license to realize just how important it is in your life. It’s how you get around town. Without it, you can’t drive yourself anywhere, requiring you to be dependent on friends or public transportation.

    The cancellation of your license is often automatic. For example, as soon as you receive your driver’s license from the state DMV, you submit to implied consent for automatic license revocation in the event of a DWI. Further, if you fail a BAC test (or refuse to take one), your license can be revoked.

    A single mistake on the road can lead to having your vehicle revoked for 30 days or longer. This can have a negative impact on your life and your ability to earn an income. After all, if you cannot make it to work, you can lose your job. Further, some employers require you to hold a valid driver’s license in order for you to have your position.

    By working with an attorney, you can tap into their knowledge of state laws. You can explore the cancellation of license laws to see if there’s a way to have your license reinstated.

    There are all sorts of alternatives when you are dealing with a DWI conviction. It’s important to explore them all in order to find a way to have your driving privileges while still adhering to the specifics within your conviction.

    It’s possible to obtain a work permit. When this happens, it would allow you to use your driver’s license and vehicle strictly for the purpose of going to work and back. While it’s not a full reinstatement of your license, it serves the purpose of at least being able to earn an income.

    You may also be able to agree to an ignition interlock. This is, essentially, an in-car breathalyzer. It’s a way of proving that you don’t have any alcohol in your system each time you go to start your ignition. It ensures that you’re not going to get another DWI. By agreeing to this technology, it may allow you to have all driving privileges reinstated. This can be installed quickly after a conviction so that you’re not drastically impacted.

    It’s best to work with a lawyer as soon as your license is canceled to find out what the legal options are to have it reinstated. Otherwise, you run the risk of driving on a suspended license. This can lead to misdemeanors of jail time and high penalties of $1,000 or more. When this starts to happen, it makes it that much harder for an attorney to fight for you because of your continuous disregard for the law.

    Once you realize that you need your license, you need to look at a way to avoid having it canceled. Work with a lawyer to find out what your options are. An experienced attorney can use various options to help you get back behind the wheel.