How to Protect Your Joints When Working an Office Job

When we think of industries where workers are likely to become injured, office jobs are relatively low on the list. But working at a computer all day can take its toll. The joints in your hand can begin to ache from repetitive use. Your back and neck can start to tense up from bad posture that occurs if you slump at your desk.

The good news is, there are things you can do to protect your joints when you are working at an office job. Read on for suggestions that will keep you from becoming injured due to excessive computer use.

Protect Your Back and Neck

We tend to hunch over our computers making for bad posture that can cause pain in our neck and back. Here are some ways to keep this from happening.

Use Ergonomic Equipment: An ergonomic keyboard and chair and an adjustable desk will put your body in a more natural position to minimize injury.

Adjust Your Set Up: Adjust your setup so your computer monitor is at eye level. Your keyboard should allow your elbows to rest comfortably, and your chair should allow your feet to sit flat on the floor.

Take Breaks: Every so often, get up from your desk to stretch and walk around the office. Not only will this give your body a much needed break, but it will allow you to return to work feeling more focused.

Protect Your Hands and Arms

Working at a computer all day means putting our hands and arms in an unnatural position for hours at a time. Overuse injuries such as stiffness, pain, swelling, and numbness can occur. Here are some ways to keep this from happening.  

Do Hand Yoga: After a long day on the computer, you may want to do a few hand yoga exercises. This will stretch the hand and wrist reversing the effects of hours of typing.  

Position Your Equipment for Comfort: The right desk setup can help. Position your mouse so it’s the same height as your keyboard. Your mouse should also be as close to the side of the keyboard as possible.

Use the Right Technique: A comfortable typing technique is recommended. Type lightly and use your whole arm, not just your wrist, when moving the mouse. Remove your hands from the keyboard when you’re not actively typing.

Take a Supplement

Supplements are great for joint support. They provide nutrition for the joints and cartilage helping to protect you from work related injuries. Klaire Labs Joint Support Formula is recommended as a product you can trust.

Klaire Labs is known for providing supplements that are highly potent, pure, and bioavailable. Their Joint Support Formula contains vitamin B12, folic acid, and trace minerals that are metabolically active to provide optimal support. The product is GMP quality assured.

Working a desk job can take a toll on your body. The right desk setup, breaks, exercise, and a quality supplement can give you the protection you need. What do you do to keep your body healthy when you’re working on a computer for hours a day?