How to Stream Super bowl 2019: Getting the Game from Anywhere

    The NFL playoffs have been nothing short of interesting, but that is nothing compared to the fun which is about to come.

    In fact, the action that we will soon be getting from the likes of NFC & AFC in the Pro Bowl will take the season to a head. That is not to mention all the heat coming from the Rams and the Patriots.

    When is the game?

    If you are interested in watching Super Bowl, you should make yourself available on the 4th day of February, 2019. If you would also like to see it in person, make sure you get down to the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

    If you would not be going there in person, though, you would have to stream all the games.  Not sure how to catch it live? Here are a few recommended channels.

    Where to stream the Super bowl 2019 games

    Here are some of the ways to stream Super bowl 2019:

      • BBC – This option works for those in the UK alone. The best thing about this option is that you get to watch the games for free, and legally too.


    • NFL Mobile App and Yahoo Sports App – Those that want to watch the game on their smartphone or tablet can get to do so via either of these apps. For the latter option, only Verizon subscribers will be able to stream the games. They are also the owners of the Yahoo sports app so their subscribers get to watch via that platform too.
    • NBC – This network will be running the biggest coverage of the Super bowl throughout the day, so they will be one of the best places to go.


    You can watch the game on their official TV platform or stream it on your favorite devices. You even get to watch the lead up of the games to the time when they actually start.


    • Skinny TV streaming services – There are a lot of TV streaming services which will allow you grab the game at anywhere you are. You even get to watch at a great price, and with any screen of your choice.


    Some of the options we recommend are Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

    Why TV might not be a great option

    TV would have been the go-to choice for many people, but it does have its own downsides.

    For one, cable TV subscription is high. Getting it for just the sake of seeing the Super Bowl game isn’t the most cost effective way for you.

    When TV is the way you’re going for too, you would be limited in the viewing options you get. If you are not close to a TV – your TV where your cable subscription is active – you won’t be able to get the games.

    That, and we have not even mentioned the geo-blocking around the Super Bowl content. This simply means you won’t be getting access to the game if you are outside of the supported markets (largely North American and UK areas).

    Such a condition would affect enthusiasts of the games living in other countries, and fans travelling those unsupported regions at the time of the game.

    That is why the streaming options above are the best bet for you – for more reasons than one.

    Streaming the games from anywhere

    For all we have said, there are still location problems to deal with. Even if you were streaming with the supported platforms, you still won’t get the games from outside the supported regions.

    To beat that, you can get the Super Bowl live stream with a VPN from anywhere.

    The reason why this works is because VPNs are engineered with a lot of servers placed in different countries of the world. That allows you stream content on the internet from a physical location while being shown from another IP address.

    Thus, to stream Super Bowl from anywhere:

    • Get a VPN from a reliable provider
    • Connect to a server location in the US
    • Buy a subscription on any of the supported streaming platforms
    • Log in at the time of the game and enjoy it happening live.

    You can also connect to the UK servers to stream vie the BBC app. With that, you never have to worry about missing the Super Bowl for this year