How to Take Control of Your Development with I’m Possible Trainer Mark Kinnebrew

In basketball, as a player, you do not simply enhance your skills just by shooting rings in your backyard court. You will have to play the game to its full extent, meaning with different players, against a team, and with a coach. Moreover, you will have to play by following the rules and regulations that have been set dating back to the conception of the sport. 

Your progress should not be controlled by others, however, if you want to succeed in an already competitive field, you will need guidance to orient yourself towards positive development. That said, it is important to cooperate and compete with others, as well as learn from them. From there, you can discern the optimal path towards success.

Mark Kinnebrew, a certified trainer of I’m Possible Training who is known as one of the best trainers in the country, recognizes the need for educating young aspiring players to become the best they can be. He has been coaching and training since 2002 and focuses on enhancing the skills of players rather than keeping tabs on leads and scores. Through this approach, it is guaranteed that an individual can maximize his or her potential in basketball. Aside from coaching young players, he also helps basketball trainers create businesses of impact as the founder of Kinnetik – Court To Cash.

Mark’s organization, IPT, founded by Micah Lancaster, is known as the world’s largest basketball training organization, with thousands of certified and educated trainers. The organization offers the world’s leading Skill Enhancement Trainer Certification, designed to equip aspiring trainers and coaches with skill enhancement knowledge and opportunities to elevate their career within the basketball training industry

Grow with I’m Possible Training

At the heart of IPT’s operations is the team’s dedication to honing the young ones of today to become the stars of tomorrow, which is why they focus on player development. Player development is a process to master skills, hence, training should not only be dedicated for individuals to learn new skills. Skills training is something that many are not familiar with, which is why members of IPT want to raise awareness of its importance. IPT coaches have a checklist they go by, which has over 700 skills and abilities, and they really get detailed in what kids are doing in order to have a different perspective on training as a whole.

Currently, numerous trainers solely focus on training sessions to teach new skills and techniques that can be used in court, without accounting for the level of mastery of the trainees. This approach defeats the essence of personal training that aims for the most optimal development for an individual to shape him or her into the athlete he or she desires to become. A player should be given the opportunity to consolidate what has been thought before moving onto the next lesson. This is important because there are basic skills that should be learned to perfection to serve as a solid foundation in learning more complex skills. 

Training Online

With I’m Possible Training, players can access their online training system and training app, which allows for convenient communication between players and coaches. This is advantageous because trainers will communicate directly with players to provide personal notes and tips regarding their progress and possible improvements. Online tools, such as videos of skills and methods taught by the team, will be provided in the online system as well. 

Aside from the accessible online platform, players will also receive IPT’s Certified Player Handbook, which allows them to take notes after each session and track their progress. Moreover, this handbook also comes with basketball tips and terminologies among others.

Are you ready to take control of your development? Contact Mark Kinnebrew and learn more about the game through his Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also visit his website and the I’m Possible Training North Dakota page.