How to Turn Negative Online Reviews into a Revenue Booster

    Today’s business world is driven by consumer reviews. Ask any restaurant owner on Yelp how reviewers can make or break their bottom line. With rating systems on Google and every social media app available, the same is true for nearly every industry. 

    By now, you probably know how powerful even one negative review can be. So, how can you turn them into a positive experience that increases your revenue? While it might sound impossible, the answer is simpler than you think. 

    The Power of Software

    San Francisco’s market of law firms is oversaturated, making any lawyer’s ability to stand out from the crowd a daunting task. While word of mouth used to be the most powerful marketing tool for these businesses, they now rely on client reviews to keep their earnings on the rise.

    If you look at these Debra Schoenberg reviews, you’ll see that her standing is incredible for the Bay Area. Their secret isn’t just providing quality law services, however. They rely on review monitoring tools to help manage their comments and star rating.  

    If you’ve ever been asked to give a review, then you know how annoying and generic the pop-up prompt is. Imagine being able to customize that prompt, making it personalized for your audience and allowing them to further connect with your brand. That’s an excellent start, but it’s so much more than a personal message. 

    Monitoring tools allow you to see when you receive ratings and feedback in real time, which is where the negative review comes into play. With instantaneous updates, you now have a proactive approach to customer service.

    It isn’t uncommon for a dissatisfied customer to change their rating and update their review when you quickly work to remedy the situation. Even if that isn’t the case, potential consumers see that you care about their business and are more likely to overlook any negative comments. 

    From Negative to Positive

    Back in 2015, Forbes reported that four or more low ratings could take away up to 70% of the consumers considering giving you their business. As more companies utilize these tools to remedy sour experiences, that percentage continues to decline. 

    Today’s consumer treats reviews like in-person recommendations, which makes ratings with feedback the new word of mouth marketing. However, the public also recognizes a business’ effort to satisfy its customers as quality customer service. 

    With over 84% of the populous relying on consumer reviews to make their purchasing decisions, your ability to turn a sour experience around speaks volumes to the masses. The faster you can reply to a dissatisfied customer, the more likely you are to receive a positive response back from them. 

    While negative reviews could mean the death of a business in the past, today’s tools allow you to do the impossible. You have the power to turn even a one-star rating into a marketing tool that boosts your revenue by drawing in potential consumers. Best of all, it’s right at your fingertips.