Importance of SEO in Automotive Sector And 5 Strategies To Use


    If you do a quick Google search for auto dealerships in your city, you will notice a plethora of results. And it is quite possible that you will not find your agency anywhere among the results on the front page. And, sadly, your potential clients will not see it either. You are wise enough to calculate the loss. 


    In the digital age, if you are not visible on the first page of Google, you simply don’t exist.


    To avoid being the last into the search results and missing many leads, the turnkey solution is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a series of activities that aim to attract more and better traffic organically to your website, that is, natural traffic not bought.

    What Does SEO Take Into Account?

    After you enter a question or word in Google (or any other search engine), it scans the entire web searching for information. Later, through algorithms, it organizes that information to display the optimal results for your query.


    The factors that the algorithms of these engines take into account are many and are constantly updated. They mainly include the use of keywords on the website, the generation of new content, the pages that link to your site, if your site links to others, if it is optimized for mobile, and so on. Since these all might sound unfamiliar to you, the best is to hire one automotive SEO company

    Why Is It Important For Your Auto Dealership?


    Do you believe that the only way customers will find out about car information is by visiting a dealership? If yes, then you must know:


    According to a Think with Google study, 92% of car buyers search online before buying. In addition, 72% of them watch online videos, and 63% search with their smartphone. 


    Users find out EVERYTHING there is to know: models, mileage, auto parts, if it comes with insurance, etc. Many times they come to the showroom better educated than your best and most persuasive salespeople.


    So, nowadays, the very first thing business owners need is the digital presence of their business. Simply put, if you want to attract more customers to your dealership, you have to give the green light to digital marketing as soon as possible. And to help you start this journey, below are five proven strategies to get customers and sell your vehicles quickly.

    #1 Focus On The Quality Of Your Automotive Website 


    For successful automotive SEO, you need to check the quality of your website. It is the most important thing to focus on.


    First, you must have a suitable hosting provider that offers secure hosting. Next, the website must have a responsive design. A design that works for any device – be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Nowadays, most users access web pages from different mobile devices. So ensure that clients can visit your web page from any device. 


    Besides the above points, Google reviews several important aspects, such as the quality of the content and the user experience. With these aspects, Google can decide if it is a trustworthy, authoritative, accessible, and easy-to-use web page. This will therefore make more customers enter the site and learn about your services.


    #2 Use A Content Organizer

    You must use a content management system (CMS) a program that will allow you to manage everything you want to upload to your page. With its help, you will be able to obtain the following benefits:


    You Will Be Able To Organize Your Site In One Place:

    There are many advantages of including everything in one place; from the same site, you can program, control and design all your automotive marketing strategies.


    You Can Apply Seo Over Your Entire Page:

    This is one of the most important factors to achieve the positioning of your automotive site. These CMS programs give you all the tools to optimize your site in the best way. It also allows you to include and manage keywords, essential factors that will help your site appear in the first results. 


    You Will Obtain Data And Metrics To Keep An Exact Control:

    After including all your content, the essential thing is to be able to measure your efforts. Content management systems show concrete data about your marketing actions.


    #3 Use Effective Content Marketing


    People don’t wake up one morning saying, “I’m going to buy a car today.” They have been thinking about it for a long time, looking for information about the models, the mileage, and all kinds of details to feel safe when choosing. If you want that potential buyer to choose you and not your competition, you must solve their problems. And one of the best ways to do that is with Content Marketing. This digital marketing strategy consists of offering useful information that answers user questions. 


    Providing valuable content for your prospects will make them feel comfortable with you. 


    Using automotive SEO services, you can create content like:


    Blog Articles:  Articles or blogs comparing the models of cars you have for sale.

    Informational Videos: Videos showing the car you want to sell. Explaining its benefits, starting the engine, and a demonstration on the track.

    e-Books: Checklists or guides with tips to choose a car according to how it will be used.


    #4 Video Marketing

    This is not to say that you make a dramatic trailer like the ones you see on TV. But help your clients to live the experience before going to a test drive. You can create videos that show all the vehicle’s details to be sold from starting the engine to when it is driven. Provides all the aesthetic and functional details of the car visually and closely.


    One of the most effective trends for dealerships is 360 videos. This will allow your potential client to immerse themselves further in the experience. They will feel like they are inside a BMW or Mercedes. If you don’t have experience in this type of video, you can hire an audiovisual agency to do the work for you.


    #5 Social Networks For Dealers


    You have no idea the power that social networks have to publicize a business. They are a great advantage in the automotive sector that will help you differentiate yourself from your competition and get more customers.


    Some of the advantages that social networks bring to dealers are:


    • Audience segmentation: This allows you to target potential customers based on age, gender, interests, etc.
    • Serves as a channel to bring visits to your main website and increase your traffic.
    • It allows you to communicate with your customers instantly and in real-time.
    • Improve and enhance the image of your company.


    • You can publicize your offers and promotions and reach more people. 
    • Your old customers can leave their positive opinions about your dealership and thus attract new prospects.


    Final  Words

    As said at the beginning, more and more people start searching for their new car on the internet. More and more information is available, and they make most of their decision long before contacting a seller or stepping on an agency. With a good automotive SEO agency, you can put yourself in the minds of potential buyers from the beginning and increase your sales opportunities.


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