Improving the Workplace Through Microlearning

The future of the workplace lies in the hands of employee training. Currently, many employees get little to no training for their position, and 59% are self taught. Even when there is training offered, there are often several barriers to joining, leaving employees helpless and unsatisfied. Studies have found that the current traditional training models are ineffective, and most learners are not satisfied with the current system.  Organizations waste time, money, and resources on creating ineffective courses, which is why microlearning has moved into the spotlight.

Microlearning works through a series of notifications, small activities, questions, or videos that encourage quick, targeted, and efficient training. These types of learning modules can fit into a busy schedule and are personalized to ensure that the learner is engaged and is actually benefiting from the course. Employees and employers alike see results, as people have become more engaged and their behavior has changed after utilizing these microlearning techniques. The benefits of microlearning are endless, and they have been nearly proven to improve the state of a company or organization, as well as employee satisfaction and their experience. Microlearning meets workers where they are, and incorporates invaluable learning experiences into their busy workday, seamlessly.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
Source: Arist