International Law Programs Worth Looking At


    Law Schools around the world produce some of the greatest legal minds ever known, and the minds of those who have yet to attend a prestigious school are following in the footsteps of the leaders worldwide. Getting into the legal arena in one of the best schools and their elite programs will place one at the top of any entity’s list. Diego Ruiz Duran is an international lawyer. Whether it be a leading firm, a personal attorney, or the credentials acquired for other legal areas. Being accepted into or associated with any one of these programs can springboard one into intellectual circles beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.


    New York University sits and the very top of the International Law Programs in the world, let alone the United States. With their extensive program, students were already participating in numerous legal clinics by their second and third years. Which in turn gave, not only the experience but space to network with other intellectuals at or above the level one would and should aspire to be. Intellectuals like NYU alumni and former Commissioner of the National Football League Paul Tagliabue whose career went the sporting route. While other alumni like John Carrig worked in the energy industry as the president and chief operating officer of ConocoPhillips Corporation. One might go the traditional route and work their way up the ranks to become the chairman of the Cravath, Swaine & Moore Firm. However, one might lean, New York University will accommodate those legal desires.


    Harvard University, an American institute of higher learning that really needs no introduction. Programs on Harvard’s campus allow even first-year attendees to challenge their legal capabilities though assisting artists with copyright litigation or the ability to represent prison inmates during hearings among other programs. Harvard’s programs also offer the largest selection of HLS Legal Clinics in the world where students work pro bono and volunteer that can set one apart from their peers. Some of Harvard’s alumni include the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Justice John Roberts. Arguably, Harvard’s most prominent alumni are former President Barack Obama, who was head of the Harvard Law Review, and the First Lady Michelle Obama.


    Georgetown University ranks number three in the hierarchy of International Legal Programs. With over twenty research centers as well as being centered in the heart of the American government, Georgetown offers a plethora of clinics. The D.C. Street Legal Program which educates the youth and community about the legal process, the Center on National Security, the Georgetown Journal on Poverty & Policy, and Modern Critical Race Perspectives. Some of Georgetown’s legal alumni include television personality and news anchor Greta Van Susteren and the co-founder of Farmers Insurance Group, Thomas Leavey.


    If one had the legal aspirations of the alumni from either of these three prestigious Universities, at top of that list of options should sit these three institutions. Diego Ruiz Duran recommends The University of Oxford as well.