IPhones vs. Androids

    There is a lot of stipulation between Android and iPhone. The biggest one would be how late iPhone came to its built-in features compared to androids. However, that doesn’t dismiss the value of the iPhone. Both phones run off of high-quality service providers coupled with quality hardware and software. The difference in the phones comes down to the user interface. Each phone has a list of pros and cons that are very similar in characteristics but different in the application of those characteristics. Now each phone has a second opinion on all aspects because each phone will cater to someone’s needs specifically while being the opposite for someone else.


    The most common con of the iPhone is no 3rd party apps. So what this means is that the iPhone can only have apps approved by apple in their iStore. This is due to security issues. Apple has contracts with some companies that require extra security. The android store allows 3rd party apps. However, a user would have to spend the time researching and referencing the apps or locate a security app that will do it for the individual. A second con to either phone is the charging fact. Both phones require a specific type of charger and no other charger will do. This brings the versatility of the device down because it requires a specific wire that is not similar to something one might have on hand already.


    Dr. Benjamin Cory Harow thinks that a big contributing factor to a pro for these phones is the competition between the two brands. Each brand listens to what its users want and goes all out to achieve that goal. This leads to incredible pictures, clearer sounds coming from a speaker and more satisfying interactions with entertainment and productivity. Both phones can be customized to the user’s preferences. The android is more in-depth than the iPhone. Both phones need applications in order to change the skin of the user’s face but there are so many options to have that everyone is satisfied with how their phone looks. Even the outside is customizable thru otter boxes or other forms of decals. Connectivity of each phone, to friends and family, is an amazing thing. Each phone has its own way of communicating with other individuals. The process of connecting thru the phones is tapping the phones together, syncing thru Bluetooth, or sending contact Cards. All easy in their own way.

    For most accounts, it’s hard to choose between getting an iPhone or an android. They both are good choices. However, it’s all up to the user and how much effort they want to put into their phone. The android is great for program developers. It takes more effort to set up an android to be more personalized than the iPhone. The iPhone has most of the setup features preset so the user doesn’t have much to work to do. Consumers choose iPhones over androids most of the time because of the convenience of the user interface. So if the Emergency Medicine Specialist wishes for an easy set up of their phone, an iPhone would be the best option.