Is Your Professional License Under Attack?

    An occupational licensure can oftentimes become the target in the event someone is unhappy with a service performed on a customer. Given the wide range of claims individuals make and the ability to independently publish reviews on the internet, having a professional license come under fire (or revoked) wouldn’t be surprising. Thankfully, there’s plenty of things one can do to avoid having their professional license revoked in the event an unhappy client wants to run a smear campaign.

    Why Licensure Exists

    Licensure exists to protect customers from fraudulent, unethical, or incompetent practitioners of a professional service. Although occupational licensing hasn’t prevented price gouging, incompetence, or fraud, it does keep out much of the static when it comes to customer assurance that the service they’re receiving is being performed by a qualified professional. Whether it be a doctor or a barber, you’ll see their licensure hanging on the wall to assure you that they’ve received the training and education to perform the task at hand.

    Ways To Lose Your License

    Many of the reasons why one could lose their license goes as follows:

    Professional Discipline

    Since there has been an epidemic of false records with false identities (that include false billing), it’s important to understand that falsifying such documents is illegal. In addition to this, it’s important to understand that you need to pay your student loans (as not paying them can lead to a loss of licensing as well.)

    Misrepresentation & Fraud

    This concerns the act of charging different fees for insurance companies or private players. Some have even gone as far as printing two totally different schedules of payment. Some claim ignorance on the claims, but many times the end results in the individual losing their license.

    Unethical Behavior

    A licensed professional cannot discriminate against sex, religion, race, or age.

    Sexual Misconduct

    It’s important to understand that one cannot have a sexual relationship with a patient, which can extend to speech, gestures, touching, etc.

    Substance Abuse

    Drugs, alcohol, you name it, a drug dependency can be grounds for license revocation.

    Poor Documentation

    If you’re not documenting information correctly, understand that there’s little to no excuse for not doing so.

    Abuse of a Patient

    This is spoken of in terms of responsibility. If a person suspects signs of abuse, it should be reported.

    Violation of Medication

    Varying by every state, a licensed professional cannot provide medication advice beyond one’s scope.

    Boundary Violations

    “Stay in your lane” and don’t blur borders when it comes to your occupation.

    Unlicensed Practice

    This is completely inexcusable.

    Considering the information above, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to your professional license. So if you feel as if someone is attacking your professional license and endangering the business you operate, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. That’s right, we’re here to help you combat an accusation because we’re on your side. Contact us today for more information!