Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson Shows Off Her Skills as a Business Professional

    The business world has changed recently and numerous young entrepreneurs are making their breakthroughs; however, nobody has made the impression that Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson has. For anyone who loves hip hop and rap music, it is important to take note of Wilkerson, who is the CEO and Publisher of The Hype Magazine in addition to the Raynbow Affair Magazine. Both o these publications have quickly made their mark in an industry that is seeing a lot of young talent rise to the surface.

    In addition to her role as a major publisher for these fantastic works, Wilkerson is also the President of Marketing and Business Affairs for Palm Tree Entertainment. Clearly, Wilkerson is a versatile talent and is capable of juggling numerous balls at the same time. Of note, Palm Tree Entertainment includes some of the top artists in the world such as Buck Nasty, Dawson, Soulja Boy (from “Crank Dat”), IHeart Memphis, Yung Keyz, and more.

    Despite her massive success at such a young age, Wilkerson is also known for her Southern Entertainment Awards nomination, where she was nominated for the “Magazine Publication of the Year.” She also won “Magazine of the Year” at the SCM awards back in 2015.

    Wilkerson entered this industry at the young age of 23. Back in 2002, she realized that she wanted to pursue her passion for both music and songwriting. Despite her age, she was still able to remain focused on her dreams as she pursued her dreams and made them come true. Her massive passion for songwriting has only grown. They have flourished and are best showcased by the song titled “You Make Me Feel,” which was written by her. Her legacy only expanded as she went through a tough time following the death of her mother, in which her emotions came through.

    During the past few years, she has focused on the business side in an effort to make her mother and her family proud. While she hails from the humble area of Muncie, IN, her company has been led with expertise that cannot be replicated by anyone else. She is an expert in the world of marketing, PR, and graphic design in addition to her obvious talent as an entertainer. In every pursuit, she has risen to the top.

    It is this talent that has caused everyone to pause and take notice of what she has done. As her influence in the field continues to grow, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for Wilkerson. Without a doubt, she is poised to make a major impression on the entertainment industry as she guides it into the future.