Jeunesse Global Product Review

    You’re probably one of those types who’s less interested in where a company came from than where it is currently. That’s not a trait to be blamed; if anything, it’s a direct result of the world at large and the rather stodgy system of bringing new companies into being. However, Jeunesse Global is a rare exception. Rather than just pen the company into a sheet of paper and call it done, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis built the whole shebang around the symbolic power of the number 9. So fine-grained was their pursuit that they went out of their way to give the company its first heartbeat at exactly 9 p.m. on September 9, 2009.

    Still, the numeric marker for longevity and wellness isn’t enough on its own to convince anyone that it’s worth their time. That’s where the other half of the story comes into play. The original creators, Wendy and Randy, were formerly nestled in the cradle of retirement after a lifetime of successful enterprising. They had resources and plenty of know-how, but they felt that this life of comfort was no way to leave the world. Erupting from the safety of their savings, they put their minds together and formed an alternative age-reversal company on a multi-level marketing platform that would take the world by storm.

    Today, Jeunesse has earned its place as a top-performing direct-sales brand name with its Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), a complete age-reversal solution that aims to tackle the sources of accelerating decay in today’s people. While we may live longer lives, it always seemed ironic how little life there is in those years. What good is keeping people around if they don’t have the energy or willingness to wake up every morning and face the challenges ahead of them? This was one of many reasons that the founders could no longer stand by idly. It was time to use their wealth for humanity’s good.

    The fruits of their labor, Y.E.S., consists of nine product lines. Each line addresses a unique aspect of the body and the particular age-related problems that come with them. As such, the administration of these products vary in accordance with skin, brain, digestive tract, immune system and so on. Some occur as drinks and gel caps; others happen as nutrient packs, powders and creams. All of them, however, are 100 percent natural and proprietary to Jeunesse, and they’re uniformly designed to support the self-restorative functions of the human body.

    Y.E.S. addresses free radicals, radiation, stress, poor diet and other age-accelerating agents with products that bring all of the following and more:

    1. Wellness

    Supplementing the immune system with all-natural nutrients, you can recover from age-related damage and protect your wellness for years to come. There are offerings to bolster immunity to pathogenic agents while others aim to defend your system from free radicals.

    1. Fitness

    Trim fat, rebuild muscle and improve your body tone. Get your appetite under control and improve your day-to-day energy supply while looking and feeling confident. You can return to your 20’s and stay there with a multi-step formula that rebuilds your vitality once more.

    1. Performance

    Wake up refreshed and stay energized the whole day through while maintaining intense focus on the task at hand. If you’re already young and full of spring, you can preserve that youthful spark and stay on top of your game.