Kyle McKenzie Breaks Into the Film Industry at a Young Age

    While the West Coast of the United States is known for its beautiful weather and gorgeous outdoors, it is also known as the heart of the entertainment world. It can be a challenge to break into the film industry; however, that is exactly what Kyle McKenzie has done. He is one of the youngest filmmakers in the industry; however, his talent has already risen to the surface, having made an impression on numerous professionals in the Los Angeles, CA area.

    While Kyle McKenzie originally hails from West Palm Beach, FL, he moved to the West Coast shortly after graduating from high school. He knew from a young age that he wanted to participate in the photography and film industries and he did not hesitate when it came to pursuing his passions. All his life, he has been a student of the industry, and this was evident immediately. When he arrived in LA, he was able to demonstrate his exceptional skills with a camera, helping to bring captivating views and priceless moments to life both for clients and the general public as a whole.

    It wasn’t long before Kyle McKenzie started to grab the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry. During his young career, he has had the privilege to work with some of the top celebrities in the industry who have generously donated their time to help Kyle proceed along his career path. He has also worked with key clientele including Adidas, Lucacris, Will Smith, and Red Bull. While he has already enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, Kyle McKenzie has big dreams and knows he has a long way to go. He wants to improve his skills when it comes to storytelling and directing. He is very passionate about shooting films and he is working on developing his own style. Much of his work has a modern nostalgia feel; however, he knows that if he can branch out, he will become more marketable to some of the top names in the industry.

    He wants to use his work to help people look beneath the surface of movies and photos. He wants to bring an air of authenticity to his work. Therefore, he often produces a lot of color negative films along with black and white photos to help the viewer focus his or her attention on what matters most.

    He has even spent time in the music industry, which has provided Kyle McKenzie with a tremendous number of experiences at a young age. He has already gained a new perspective on his work and he streamlined his focus on where he wants to go.