Laser Printers are a Better Choice for Businesses

Internet security is increasingly becoming a worry for small business owners. One piece of business equipment most don’t consider being breachable is their printer. Although having a printer connected to the internet is convenient, more than half of them are unsecured. 

With a laser printer, small business owners can add a password as a security measure to protect this device, which will also reboot in the event of a security issue. These printers come with an etherFax option for secure health and financial information to keep your most personal details safe.

Laser printers are a cost-effective choice for a small business. Laser ink cartridges cost $0.075, with toner costing $0.05. These cartridges can be recycled with special recycling programs. The printers also have the ability to order new cartridges straight from the company’s website, eliminating trips to the store for regular ink printer cartridges. 

A laser printer is the best choice for any business. With their durable steel frame construction and compact size for easy mobility, these printers can easily handle the day-to-day requirements of any business. Half of businesses say they can’t operate without a printer, and 8 out of 10 small businesses rely on a printer for their daily services. 
Stop making your business printer an afterthought and make an informed decision on choosing the best small business printer for your company.

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought