Latest Bridal Fashion Trends: Arrange a Modern Wedding

    Wedding dresses with pockets were the highlights of bridal fashion week. The modern bride is prioritizing comfort and practicality over aesthetics. The trend of bridal gowns with pockets is increasing to keep your personal and emergency belongings (such as lipstick) with you. Modern brides prefer cheap wedding dresses, as well as cheap bridal shoes and other accessories, with comfort instead of choosing uncomfortable designer wedding stuff. Here are some latest bridal fashion trends that a girl must know before her wedding day.

    Sleeves of Wedding Dresses

    The year 2019 signifies the return of simple fabrics and classic cuts. No doubt, strapless wedding attires are losing their appeal. Nowadays, brides prefer to wear a gown with sleeves. The biggest example is Meghan Markle. She was wearing a boat-necked, long-sleeved wedding gown. Current wedding dresses are inspired by pared-back beautiful bridal silhouette. The designers predict a return of minimalism and refined look of modern brides.

    Other elements of bridal dresses that are becoming famous are the statement and structured bows, sparkle, 3D floral elements, and puffed sleeves. Current brides like to wear distinctive dresses with geometric shapes and patterns. The trends of sweetheart necklines and floral dresses are going down. The designers prefer trim and cutouts of fabric to make a dress elegant. For beach weddings, mermaid wedding dresses are becoming famous. Jumpsuits are fun options for wedding celebrations or rehearsal dinners.

    Floral Trends

    After many years, muted color palettes for centerpieces and bouquets are changing now. In 2019, you can see colored and bright flowers. Copious greenery may continue to be a significant part of your reception and ceremony décor. You can combine different colors while decorating your venue with flowers.

    In the current year, the dahlias become famous for their lack of ubiquity and unique shape. These look good after their fusion with jewel-tone, vibrant hues. Ranunculus and peonies can be a great addition to arrangements and bouquets without uniformity. With these flowers, your venue looks relaxed and natural.

    Along with flower decorations, greenery wreath draped along railings and tables. These look great with flower walls and floral arrangements. Traditional centerpieces can bring the transition to your wedding arrangements. Fusion of modern décor and traditional twist can be a great punch of your wedding venue.

    Wedding Decorations

    Bright colors are back in wedding decorations. You can play with emerald, turquoise, and burgundy to decorate a reception and ceremony. If you need something classic, you can choose muted and pastel colors. Rose gold and copper are pretty choices for a wedding venue. With Mason jars, wild wedding flowers and burlap, you can change the overall look of a wedding venue. For an unfussy and unique venue, you can alter industrial spaces, such as factories and old mills. The metal and raw wood accents can give a modern feel to your space.

    Pinterest and Instagram are becoming leading sources of marriage inspiration. The highly photographable shots of menus, invite, and worded elements can catch the attention of everyone. You can use koozies, napkins, and cake to create a unique and custom wedding. For summer weddings, you may include Wedding Hand Fans on every table to help guests cope with the heat. Feel free to give local treats to your guests in gift boxes and welcome baskets.