The world of marketing has changed as digital marketing has come to the forefront. People flock to their smartphones or computers to research businesses and products of all types. Those that are looking for a law firm could have been injured, arrested, or are going through a divorce. The law firm’s website needs to be as informative as possible to help the stress levels of a visitor. The consultation is likely the only aspect that will truly make a person feel better if falsely arrested or filing for bankruptcy. Digital marketing incorporates climbing search engine rankings, promotion of the firm’s image, and interacting with the local community. Managing all of this will take an in-house team that likely will need help from a few freelancers the firm works with regularly. Below are things you should know about law firm digital marketing.

Firms Put in Large Amounts of Budget

Law firm digital marketing is extremely competitive due to the financial rewards that come with success in some areas of law. Personal injury is a great example as each client that marketing brings in could result in a huge settlement. Personal injury attorneys have recognized the need to reach the top of the search engines to maximize exposure to clients. Certain large law firms will have a huge advertising budget as well which can help with exposure. The more competitive keywords will be more difficult and expensive overall to rank for. Smaller firms will have to get creative with their approach to digital marketing to keep up although it is possible. 

Targeting Less Competitive Keywords Can Work 

There are going to be those firms that have huge budgets that dominate the search engine rankings. Targeting more specific keywords or smaller neighborhoods within an area can work. You obviously will not have the same search volume but you can climb to the top of the rankings. A number of firms have used unethical tactics to climb rankings in the past only to be penalized. Do not use any methods not approved by Google’s guidelines as it could result in a penalty. A penalty means that money was spent on marketing as well as time only to hurt the website long-term. 

The Website Needs to be Flawless 

There could be clients that are looking to save their freedom in a criminal case. The potential client isn’t going to opt for a law firm that cannot even put together a great website. The first impression that a number of potential clients will get of a firm is their website. Being easy to navigate is one thing but make it as easy to find contact information/schedule a consultation as possible. The website’s main goal is to schedule consultations in order to land clients. 

Content Marketing is a Must 

People are constantly looking online for legal information if they are having issues. Making the website a great resource is the first step but then it is time to contribute articles to relevant publications. These could include a local online magazine or a blog post on the local college’s law school blog. Exposure matters but this also help drive traffic as well as rankings simply by putting a website link in the content. Do not fall into the trap of creating content just to create it. The content should have a goal in mind and should be as high quality as possible. Generic content can be useful in some forms but you want to establish a firm as a thought leader on a particular subject. 

Use Data to Shape Campaigns 

The need to use data to create campaigns cannot be understated. Data can help drive a campaign or let a team know it is time to change strategies. Small things like publishing the best piece of content on the firm’s blog for the week during the time of highest traffic. A few extra visitors and readers will make a difference week after week. Data can even be used to generate content ideas as you will have information on what brought in the most traffic/leads for clients. 


Law firm digital marketing can be handled in-house or by professionals that have established connections. Looking into agencies with experience in law firm digital marketing is recommended to see what your options are.