Corporate gifting is a powerful tool for building relationships and creating opportunities for businesses. Studies show that a significant portion of respondents believe that corporate gifts improve relationships and generate leads with both existing and potential customers. Additionally, a majority of people will remember a company’s name one year after receiving a gift from them. Corporate gifts provide an emotional connection to the brand and have a positive measurable return on investment (ROI), according to 80% of CEOs. 

Pairing corporate gifts with brand archetypes can create an instantaneous connection with clients, leading to greater sales and ROI. Brand archetypes, as developed by Carl Jung, align the brand’s personality, tone and voice with relatable personalities, making them more appealing to customers. There are 12 main archetypes total, with examples including“The Outlaw”, “The Lover”, and “The Hero”. 

Regards, is the only corporate gifting company that pairs brand archetypes with gifts. They offer gift pairings that align with the values and characteristics of each archetype. An example of a personalized gift would be gifting “The Magician” archetype with a kaleidoscope, which allows them to turn reality into a spellbinding reality. This gift aligns with this archetype’s values of mastery and preference for unconventional gifts.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype