Local SEO Matters: How Lawyers Should Get A My Google Account

    Even with a good marketing plan, when you still fail to grab the local market as you could have, then it is time to revamp your strategies. One of the biggest mistakes most lawyers make is not including any email address or contact information on their landing page. When you do that, you can have a higher CTR but a low conversion rate. Especially with the changes soon to happen in SEO in the coming years, traditional SEO and websites will not be enough for your marketing efforts.

    However, we have My Google Account, also known as Google My Business, as a solution to this problem. Creating an account here i.e., providing your business information, will help Google drive traffic more quickly to your site. Easy to connect websites and businesses have always been on Google’s top spot.

     This piece is specially designed for lawyers and attorneys to know how local SEO matters to your legal services. 

    Why Use a My Google Account? 

    My Google Account is an account you create to appear on Google My Business listing. GMB listing is an extension of local SEO, which especially targets local people relevant to your Law firm through organic search.

    Is Local SEO Important?

    Picture this scenario. Your ideal client is in need of a lawyer. He picks up his phone and does a quick “near me” search for the best lawyers. Your firm appears as the first search result. 

    What do you think he is going to do? Scroll down to look for more or contact the one nearest to him?

    This is exactly why local SEO is important. Along with increasing the likelihood of your client-finding your services organically through local search, having My Google Account benefits you in the following ways:

    1. Privacy through Locality 

    A person usually seeks the aid of a lawyer when he is looking for guidance on an embarrassing topic. These topics can be anything like personal matters, divorce, financial issues, or even criminal defense, which clients mostly prefer to keep as private as they can. According to your practice area, you would most likely notice that your clients do not follow you on social media simply because of the possibility that their activities could be public. By creating a My Google Account, you reach your clients without having them to publicly “like” your social media pages. 

    1. Appear In the Three-Pack

    If you want your law firm to appear on Google’s “three-pack” then My Google Account is the way to go. The infamous “three-pack” is the top three results of a search engine’s result page (SERP). This is where you should be targeting your firm to appear. By creating a good Google, My Businesses account, you are positioning yourself to be more visible to the local market.

    1. Multiple Channels of Reach for Clients 

    Your prospective clients are ready to connect with you. Through My Google Account, you give them multiple ways to reach you. Provide all the necessary contact information in your account. The search result for your site will appear with featured snippets of call, direction, message, or website. This helps the customer reach you or leave reviews about your services. You can double or triple the business, with more ways of transacting you provide. 

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    Bottom Line

    With such a simple tool, you not only stand out from the crowd, but you are also at the front line of your ideal client’s mind. Just remember to monitor your account insight from time to time.