Making Your Teeth Last

    Teeth are a very important part of your health and a good set of teeth can serve you well. It is important to note that your teeth are not going to take care of themselves and that there are certain things that you should do to help make sure that your teeth are going to last for years to come.

    Basic Tooth Care

    One of the first aspects of tooth care is to master basic care. Basic tooth care includes at home cleaning and brushing, flossing, and teeth cleaning twice a year at a dentist. This type of care is something that anyone can do and that anyone can easily maintain. You should be brushing your teeth at a minimum, once a day, ideally twice a day. You should at the very least be brushing your teeth at the end of the day to remove build up, to remove things like food particles, plaque that might have built, up and to remove any dirt that might be built up on the tooth surface. Ideally you should then brush again in the morning when you wake up to remove any dirt that might have built up during the night.

    Flossing is also a necessity. You should floss at least once a day to remove plaque, dirt, and food from between teeth. Food that is left between teeth is one of the biggest factors when it comes to cavities and tooth decay. Food that is left between the teeth can lead to decay and can lead to cavities as well. Flossing is best done before you brush to get the food out from between the teeth so that then brushing can help to clean ever further. Aside from just brushing and flossing, you can also use a mouthwash or rinse to help remove even more bacteria and grime. When it comes to cleaning at the dentist, you should be having a deep clean and a check at least twice a year to catch problems before they cause major damage to your teeth.

    Care for Issues

    Another part of keeping your teeth longer is making sure you are having your teeth repaired when there are issues. If your dentist notices that you have a cavity, you should have it repaired as soon as possible to help make sure that it is not going to cause widespread decay. If you notice that a tooth is broken or chipped you should have it repaired to take care of potential damage.

    If your teeth are misaligned consider treatment such as invisible braces (you can find reviews on these here: or Invisalign as this will only get worse with time. Also, if you notice that there are problems with your teeth you should be addressing them as quickly as possible so that you can avoid damage to the teeth and can make sure your teeth are going to last longer.

    You should also be considering what you are eating and drinking. Soda and other acidic drinks wear down enamel while hard foods can cause chips and can also damage the enamel of the teeth. It’s important to take the time to care for your teeth each day to make sure that they are going to last for years to come and are going to be in good shape as well.