Mattress God Makes Waves Again with his Latest Single

    For generations, the music industry has been a source of respite for many people. During the tough times that the world has experienced recently, it seems like music has never been more important. Clearly, one artist is making waves with his work. This is Mattress God. Born Desmond Chapman, Mattress God is one of the top young rap artists in the industry. He hails from the Richmond, VA area his experiences are instantly apparent in every work he produces.

    When asked to describe his sound, he simply states that it is a reflection of who he is. He draws on these past experiences to put together a unique sound as his smooth tunes blend with his creative side.

    For as long as he can remember, Mattress God has always been interested in music; however, his journey with rap music began in earnest at the age of 17. At that time, Mattress God decided to start his career as a DJ. Quickly, he became the hottest DJ in the local Richmond area. He spent the next eight years working as a DJ, getting as much experience as he possibly could in the music industry. Then, he decided to become an artist.

    While becoming a DJ certainly requires a level of artistic creativity, Mattress God wanted to create his own music. Like many other top rappers, he draws on others as a source of inspiration. Some of the biggest examples in his life include Fat Trel, Lil Phat, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Anyone who is familiar with the music industry will be able to hear their influences when they listen to the work of Mattress God.

    Eventually, Mattress God put out his first single. It was titled “Heater” and was produced by Dirty Sosa. This single made a big splash and put him on the map in the Richmond, VA area as not only a DJ but a rapper as well. He eventually was able to make it out of the Richmond, VA area and is now one of the most popular artists in the country.

    Of course, Mattress God was not done. He released another single recently titled “Fresh Cut.” This single contains hard, crude lyrics along with unique beats that cannot be found anywhere else. He is becoming a staple of the rap music industry. This new song is going to have countless clubs hopping as the speakers boom with his lyrics. Of course, along with his fame as a rapper, Mattress God has collected a powerful following on social media as well. It will be exciting to see where the career of Mattress God goes from here. Without a doubt, he has only scratched the surface of his music potential. He is sure to make waves with more beats, lyrics, and singles in the future.