Medical Tourism in Turkey: 6 Signs of a Reliable Surgeon

    Turkey is home to over 3,300 surgeons. That number could either mean that you have a lot of choices or imply that locating the right surgeon for your needs could prove to be more challenging. You should start by specifying the reason why you need a surgeon and if you’re looking for someone who has a sub-specialty, like cosmetic surgery.

    You could turn to websites like if you need help identifying your medical needs. After that, you could ask people you know for any referrals. The real challenge begins once you’ve gathered a name or two to choose from.

    Look out for these signs to ensure that your local surgeon is reliable:

    1. Positive online presence

    With Turkey being the third country in the world to use social media the most, you should have minimal trouble looking for commentaries on your next potential surgeon. However, before you visit websites, take note that people are inclined to leave negative reviews online than they are to leave positive ones.

    The Internet can also help you conduct a background check on your surgeon. You could focus on finding out if they’ve ever been subjected to:

    • Any disciplinary actions
    • Medical malpractice allegations
    • Complaints about their services
    • Lawsuits
    1. Commended by colleagues

    Although it seems a little extreme, you could seek out the approval of nurses or doctors who work with them on a daily basis. Those people are regularly present whenever a surgeon performs an almost-miracle or commits a grave mistake, and they can distinguish between the two.

    Whether it’s in Hisar Hospital Intercontinental or a small clinic, your doctor’s workplace is the first place to check. Then, take a short visit to the hospital and ask to speak with people who know the surgeon. Once they agree to meet with you, confirm that they do work with your surgeon and then ask questions about the following:

    • Their experience working with that surgeon
    • The surgeon’s best work success stories
    • The surgeon’s most recent or biggest mistake in the operating room

    Speaking to the nurses face-to-face gives you the chance to pick up on hints of dishonesty or hesitation through body language. For instance, if they somehow dodge your questions by commenting on the surgeon’s traits instead of their talents then that usually means they’d rather not speak of it than speak ill of it.

    1. Good communicator

    A good communicator is someone that is able to perfectly understand what you mean, and tell you exactly what he wants you to do. A great surgeon shows that they genuinely care about their patients’ health by being able to explain difficult concepts to them. Your surgeon should help you understand the procedure you would have to undergo, especially if it’s high-risk.

    You should be able to reach your surgeon whenever you have questions or concerns about your procedure. More than that, they should handle you and your case with patience and never skimp out on their consultation hours with you. The discussion about your procedure must include why it’s important that you go through with it and how it can affect your health and future.

    Aside from effectively relaying pertinent information, being a good communicator also means showing empathy to patients. Your life is in his or her hands so whenever necessary, your surgeon must show genuine care and give emotional support.

    1. Legitimate medical board member

    A reliable surgeon should be a legitimate medical board member since being a part of a recognized and regulated medical institution can certify the trustworthiness of your surgeon. Before going under the knife, check if a surgeon is a member of the Turkish Medical Association, which is responsible for maintaining a high standard of professionalism and a strict code of ethics among their members.

    1. Expert in sub-specialties

    Orthopedics, urology, cardiology, and pediatrics are only some of the sub-specialties that a surgeon can specialize in. If you’re looking for a specific type of surgeon, ensure that they’re the best there is when it comes to their sub-specialty. Entrusting an inexperienced surgeon with your life can have dire consequences so it’s important that you check at least the number of practicing years or awards of the surgeon.

    Final Thoughts

    Your health and well-being are perhaps your greatest treasures, and you should find a surgeon who clearly sees it that way as well. Turkey has a long medical history, and it should show in the volume and quality of surgeons it produces. With sufficient time and research, you will meet the one that best fits your needs.