Mint Mobile: Why choose Mint Mobile?

    Compared to other pre-paid services (like Tracfone) Mint mobile is one of the cheaper, more reliable wireless service providers. With Mint mobile, you get access to the same 4G LTE data coverage that T-Mobile users get (because Mint mobile uses T-Mobile towers) for less than what they’re paying. 

    The price: The price is the best thing about Mint Mobile. At plans starting at just $15 a month you can get unlimited talk, text, and access to data. While the data is not unlimited, you can buy different sizes of data to fit your everyday needs (like download apps or streaming videos). Mint mobile is cheaper than Tracfone, Boost, Straight Talk, and Cricket. 

    You can keep your number: That’s right. You don’t have to get a new number, although this is an option. Simply gather your account number, password, and zip code from your current provider and mention to keep the same number during activation. 

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    Highly positive reviews: Facebook (13,000+ reviews) voted Mint mobile as 4.8 out of 5 stars. Google gathered a rating of 4.5 stars, along with Trustpilot. Amazon also offers a 4.0+ star rating for Mint mobile. 

    You can keep your phone or get a new one: As long as your current phone is compatible, simply pick up the starter pack and utilize the SIM card inside. You can also buy a new phone, through their website, that can be set up on a payment plan. 

    It can save you money: With the low prices of Mint, you could save up to $840 a year by switching to Mint mobile. You can use the Mint mobile savings calculator to determine what you would be saving each month. 

    It offers a trail run: You can purchase a Mint mobile $5 starter kit to use for 7 days before you decide if you want the coverage or not. If you do, use the second SIM card to get started with your service. If not, head back with your own provider with a full refund. 

    Coverage in all 50 states: You can see the coverage map and search your area to be more specific. You can also use your zip code with the interactive map. It can even tell you as specific as an address. 

    You can change your plan: If you know you need more data during the summer months than you do in the winter months, you can opt for a higher level of data for 3-months. Then you can drop to a lower data packing for 6-months. This means you won’t be paying for coverage that you aren’t using. If you also run out of data the first time, you can bump up to the next package size. 

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