Molekule Air Pro Review Highlights Benefits for Business Users 

    As the COVID-19 situation keeps evolving, U.S.-based businesses need to adjust to accommodate lockdown health and safety protocols. As part of this nationwide undertaking, many brick-and-mortar businesses are taking a hard look at how to protect their onsite staff and customers.


    First, professional offices, retail stores, restaurants, medical practices, and other businesses continue to encourage social distancing, wearing masks, and hand sanitizer use. In addition, businesses are looking at ways to clean their premises’ air effectively, thus minimizing hazards such as bacteria and virus particles and other contaminants.


    As the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states, large buildings’ HVAC systems perform large-scale air filtering first. Thus, upgraded HVAC filters can play a role in achieving good air quality. To enhance the HVAC filters’ performance, the EPA suggests adding one or more portable air purifiers to the mix. However, HVAC systems are primarily built for thermal control, not airborne virus or bacteria mitigation. 


    Molekule Air Pro Arrives on Scene 

    Taking it a step further, an air purifier can remove harmful airborne contaminants from indoor air. That’s where Molekule Air Pro can potentially make a big difference. 


    The largest of the Molekule consumer air purifiers, this supersized device measures 23 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter and weighs 22.9 pounds. Molekule’s two previous models, Air and Air Mini+, are smaller but all products utilize the same patented PECO filtration technology.   


    Molekule Air Pro is designed to purify the air in spaces of up to 1,000 square feet, which might equate to the floor space of a good-sized business. As an added bonus, Air Pro sports an anodized aluminum body and cylindrical shape, giving it a sleek look to complement any business’ decor. And with the device’s vegan leather carrying strap, moving Air Pro between offices and work areas is an easy task.


    How Molekule Air Pro Works

    Molekule Air Pro utilizes the company’s signature air purification technology, developed and patented over 25 years of research and development efforts. University research laboratories and independent testing facilities have validated Molekule’s findings.


    To purify the air, Air Pro’s multilayer filter first captures potentially damaging pollutants. Next, the Photo Electrochemical Oxidation layer of the filter (or PECO-Filter) deploys UV light to activate a catalyst, which then destroys the substances of organic material and their molecular structures. PECO filtration technology contrasts with Molekule’s competitors’ offerings, which mostly utilize the HEPA or carbon filtration method to trap (but not destroy) pollutants.


    Molekule Air Pro catches and destroys viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), mold, and bacteria. This impressive device also makes short work of tobacco smoke, bacterial spores, and even airborne staphylococcus. 


    According to Molekule, Air Pro offers over three times the air flow of the company’s previous models. In addition, Molekule notes that Air Pro’s particle-sensing technology senses three different size ranges of particles, advancing the technology beyond that of the earlier purifiers. These improvements will provide users with more accurate air quality information.


    Fan Speeds and Operating Modes

    Along with six user-adjustable fan speed options, Molekule Air Pro also includes two Auto Protect modes; Standard and Quiet. Each Auto Protect mode enables the device’s sensors to determine the room’s particle levels, triggering a fan speed adjustment that automatically begins handling the particle load.


    Air Pro’s new Auto Protect Quiet mode is a welcome addition. Typically, use of a purifier’s Auto Protect setting results in rapidly changing noise levels as the device changes its air flow to match the particle load. Fortunately, Air Pro’s Quiet mode minimizes these fluctuations. Of course, the Auto Protect Standard mode is always an option as well.


    Molekule Air Pro Offers Simple Setup

    Setting up Molekule Air Pro is simple and fast. The units come in reusable, protective bags that are suitable for use when traveling or storing. First, the user grasps the carrying strap and takes the unit out of its box and bag. Next, they remove the wrapping around the PECO-Filter and other delicate components. Finally, the user plugs the unit into a wall outlet, and the LED touch-screen display on its top surface springs to life. The touch screen enables the user to manage the device’s air speed settings manually while in the room. 


    In addition, iOS and Android users can download the Molekule app, which allows them to control the unit’s operation from a remote location. The user can also receive updates on the PECO-Filter’s status. To keep Air Pro running efficiently, users are advised to replace the device’s filter every six months.


    Molekule Air Pro is priced at $1,199 and offers some notable benefits for that price. Most importantly, Air Pro can handle air purification duties for a 1,000-square-foot space, making it tailor-made for business premises’ use. A business owner who’s ready to provide employees and customers with cleaner air should give Molekule Air Pro and their reviews a serious look.


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