Must Read: Versatile Grilling Experience With Everdure

Everdure has been a trusted Australian brand for more than three decades. In 2016, they introduced an innovative range of grills like no other. The main goal has been to revolutionize the grilling experience. Heston Blumenthal, 6 Michelin Star Chef , is the face behind this brand. All Everdure’s products are designed and engineered in Australia, with innovation at the forefront of each design. Their grills have won numerous International Design Awards since the brand’s inception. Everdure products are available in the USA, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and Asia. 

Inspiring A Generation Of Food-lovers

Heston injects a sense of theater into everything he touches. Through Everdure, he has gathered food lovers worldwide and created a community. Additionally, Everdure has managed to bring indoor cooking outside, allowing you to achieve Michelin Star cooking at home. 

Heston has inspired a generation to seek pleasure, and entertainment, in food. His collaboration with Everdure brought a magic touch to the great outdoors, with an innovative range of barbeques, making it easy for anyone who enjoys grilling to put on a commanding performance. 

Everdure’s Grill Range

Everdure has a range of charcoal and gas grills. The charcoal grills include the 4K, HUB II, HUB, FUSION, and CUBE. On the other hand, the gas grills include the FURNACE 3 burner and FORCE 2 burner. 

  1. 4K

The 4K has a Fast Flame IgnitionTM system. It has a precise airflow dial and slide system. Additionally, the 4K has a charcoal/wood chip side reloader with integrated temperature food and oven probes. The 4K also has an internal light for night cooking and has a water refill zone. The technology in making the 4K is also unique. It is Bluetooth-connected with LED digital touch controls. Its versatility is low and slow when smoking, convection when roasting, open when direct grilling, and high heat baking for pizza. The 4K is also very safe with a solid interior design and double-walled heat insulated body. 

  1. HUB II

Are you looking for the ultimate charcoal experience? The HUB II is the antidote. It is the ultimate outdoor entertainer with a flair for performance. Also, it has the impressive power and grilling capabilities of the HUB, now with enhanced control. You will be ready to cook in just ten minutes, thanks to the Fast Flame IgnitionTM system. It also has a built-in rotisserie system with multi-level height adjustment, as well as slide-out storage drawers, titanium-coated metal components, and jaw-like Cliplock ForksTM to ensure everything from chickens to suckling pigs are kept firmly in place on the rotisserie rod as it turns. 


The FUSION makes charcoal grilling easy. It makes authentic charcoal taste virtually effortless. Through the Fast Flame Ignition SystemTM, the FUSION is ready to cook in 10 minutes. Additionally, the FUSION has a 15kg capacity built-in rotisserie with Rotiscope Technology. Its elegant, contemporary design is fantastic and has a porcelain enamel firebox that’s very easy to clean. The FUSION has a hinged chrome grill for easy reloading of charcoal, and it comes with a pedestal stand. 

  1. CUBE 

Everdure’s CUBE portable charcoal grill has integrated storage and is safe to handle, thanks to the cool-to-touch handles. It is available in 4 contemporary colors, making it easy to show your style and stand out from the crowd. In addition, this Everdure grill has a porcelain enamel firebox, food-grade storage tray, and preparation board and has two safety latches. 

Gas Grills

Everdure’s gas grills include the FURNACE powerful three-burner and the FORCE versatile two-burner.

The gas grills have instant searing with Fast Ignition Technology that means the  grill is ready to go in just 5 minutes. Both grills have a die-cast aluminum body that prevents rusting with an extra high hood designed to enhance airflow for outdoor convection cooking delivering an even cook throughout the grills’ entire surface.

The grills allow for a safe and clean grilling experience with the integrated BBQ Flame tamers that prevent flare-ups and propane burner port clogging to keep the grills clean and safe. They come in a range of contemporary colors.


Everdure’s charcoal and gas grills will give you the most versatile grilling experience, allowing you to achieve Michelin Star cooking from the comfort of your own home! You can also check out for more information on Amazon or click here.