Never Miss Breaking News with These Top 4 Mobile News Apps

    Most people are giving up watching the news: only 50% of Americans actually watch the news on television, and only 16% of Millennials (over 83 million people and the largest demographic in the nation!) watch the news.

    The main place where people get their news nowadays is on their smartphones. But which of the hundreds of news apps are best for giving you news you care about?

    Keep reading and we’ll go over 4 of the best news apps available today.  

    1. Apple News

    This first app is only available for iOS devices. The great thing about this app is that it comes pre-downloaded on any iOS device, so you don’t have to bother looking for and downloading a separate news app.

    It’s also great because it gives you customized news. The app will ask you for topics and subjects that you’re interested and then show you stories about those topics.

    2. Flipboard

    If you’re looking for how to create an app, you should follow Flipboard’s example. This app is easy to use, has great design, and makes it simple to flip through a variety of stories and topics without feeling bombarded by words or information.

    It’s available for Android and iOS devices, it’s free for download, and it gives you breaking news from all different news outlets from around the world. It’s customized to your interests, but also allows you to see stories you might not normally look at if you want to diversify your news intake!

    3. Google News

    As with both Apple News and Flipboard, Google News will use an algorithm and direct questions to show you stories that you’ll actually care about.

    It also has a great feature that shows you your top 5 stories right when you open the app as well as the option to look at a “Story Timeline” that shows you how a story or news item has evolved over time.

    It can connect to your Google account as well, so you can access it on your phone, computer, tablet, and more.

    4. SmartNews

    SmartNews is a great app for quick browsing and catching up on the latest breaking news. It offers various tabs on subjects from politics to entertainment to sports. It also shows you global news as well as US specific news tabs so you can get a wide variety of quick info.

    The downside is you don’t always have access to the full stories with this app, depending on the original publisher. However, it is excellent for giving you a news overview.

    Top News Apps for Breaking News

    These 4 news apps will provide you with curated news stories from around the world on topics you actually care about. You won’t have to sit through an hour-long broadcast filled with fluff stories anymore. You’ll get right to the important news anytime and anywhere you want.

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