New SoCal Vape Juice Company Trending All Across America With Its New Flavors!

Finding the best e juice can be a long and difficult task when you do not know where to look. Hot Juice is one of the few brands that have built a trustworthy reputation that keeps customers going back to them for great e juices and tons of options.

The HotJuice Vape Juice company which is based in Southern California has quite a variety to choose from which makes it a great pick for any vaper. All of the products sold by Hot Juice are made in the United States itself with ingredients coming straight from California so everything is fresh and local.

Vape Juice: The options Hot Juice gives you

Hot Juice is constantly adding new flavors to their ever-growing list of available options. At the moment, they have recently begun a short-term offer where every order gets a 30ml bottle of Pumpkin Spice Latte vape juice in the spirit of Halloween.

In general, there are plenty of categories to choose from depending on what vape juice you are looking for. The best e juice depends on what category you prefer. Hot Juice offers everything from beverage flavored to tobacco flavored e juice so you can have your pick or try something new.

One of the most popular vape juices and what many customers consider to be the best e juice is the BAM BAM crunch vape juice that many customers consider to be a unique as well as amazing walk down memory lane. It has just the right mix of cereals from your youth piled together to form a sweet burst of flavor.

There are even some flavors that can appeal to the experimental with bacon bits and Falling in Clove topping the charts. If you are looking for something different, then Hot Juice has got you covered with flavors that really do give you something different to try.

Tobacco, strawberry, Coffee and nuts can all be transformed into a great product that can make your vaping experience all the more enjoyable.

All in all, Hot Juice has over 60 different flavors to choose from when it comes to e juice so there is no end to what you can try.

E Juice- Can I customize mine?

The best e juice comes from companies that let you add a personal touch and give you the ability to make the changes you see fit. Hot Juice lets you take the wheel when it comes to the final product that is reaching you.

The company lets you pick between two different VG/PG blends so that you can decide on the characteristics of the e liquid that you would like to highlight. You can either go for a 70%VG 30%PG mixture which is great for someone looking to chase huge clouds or a 70%PG 30%VG blend which really brings out the flavor.

In regard to size, you can find the e juice of your preference available in either a small or large with the small being 30ml and the bigger size being a 100ml.

You can also decide on the level of nicotine you would like in your final product with it ranging from no nicotine at all right up to 24mg so it really is up to you.

Essentially no matter what you want done to your product, there are definitely plenty of options to go through. Hot Juice is definitely a brand that is just aiming at keeping it simple and focusing on great quality which is where it excels and this is also what keeps customers coming back.

E liquid and what sets Hot Juice apart

Hot Juice gives customers the ability to have their favorite e juices shipped to their doorstep and also make the entire process affordable at the same time. Even though the sizing does not go beyond a 100ml, you can customize your product to suit your needs which make up for it. The final product even comes with your name tag on the bottle which means the company takes the time to add on those little details.

With e liquid becoming one of the most common products to buy, companies are propping up every second so Hot Juice is definitely one of the companies that can be trusted with a well-earned reputation.

Every e liquid bottle comes labeled and ready for your usage so you never get your flavors mixed up. Apart from this, the quality of the products is trustworthy with multiple repeat customers backing their claims.

After trying quite a few of their flavors, I do think that the variety has impressed me more than anything. Even if you are not a big fan of a certain flavor there is always another to suit your tastes which makes Hot Juice a one-stop destination for all of your e juice needs.