Off Road SUVs That Deserve a Comeback

    SUV-style vehicles have always been a popular option among car buyers. Today’s models come in all shapes and sizes, remaining one of the top sellers at nearly any dealership. With their size, luxury details, and safety features, what’s not to love?

    One of the more impressive parts of any SUV is its ability to handle less-than-ideal weather conditions like rain or snow, but sport utility vehicles used to have even more impressive off-road capabilities. There are still plenty that do, but several manufacturers focus on other details these days. Here are some of yesteryear’s off-road models that deserve a comeback. 

    Jeep Wagoneer

    This classic model from Jeep was one of the vehicles that put the company on the map as a premier brand for off-road cars. The Wagoneer entered the scene in the early 60s, combining luxury with ruggedness in a way others simply hadn’t thought of at the time. 

    The Wagoneer featured a leather interior, wooden dashboard, a chrome grill, and the top comfort features of its time. Yet, it could still cross a desert like a hot knife cutting through butter. It was eventually replaced by the Grand Cherokee, but who wouldn’t love to see a reincarnation of this off-road masterpiece? Luckily, there’s a concept in the works

    Mitsubishi Pajero

    Launched in the early 80s, this off-roader became an instant hit in the U.S. as well as Europe and the Middle East. The design was boxy and simple, but its powerful engines and leaf spring suspension made it a beast when traveling on unpaved terrain. 

    Safety concerns that led many to hire legal aid, like this Redondo car accident attorney, along with a lack of updated looks led the Pajero to be discontinued. It was brought back in 2006, but that didn’t last long. So, the Pajero is long overdue for a revamp and a comeback. 

    International Harvester Scout

    Jeep-like in appearance, the Scout from International Harvester (a company known for trucks and agriculture machinery) was a rarity. This was one of two SUV models from the brand, featuring seven seats and professional-quality design throughout. 

    With a massive V8 engine and rugged mechanics, both professionals like forest patrols and civilians alike enjoyed the Scout. The Travelall, the second SUV, was more popular due to its compact nature and eventually outshone the Scout until they stopped making it. Throw in its convertible capability complete with a fold-down windshield, and this is one SUV that could make a massive comeback. 

    Chevrolet Blazer

    Chevy still makes excellent off-road vehicles, but the Blazer was something special. It was made to compete with the Ford Bronco, International Harvester Scout, and Jeep CJ and happened to be the brand’s first compact yet capable off-road SUV. 

    Chevrolet took an existing pickup truck body, placed it on another’s mount, and created a full interior with a roof. They then placed a 6.2-liter diesel V8 engine under the hood. This model beat out the competition so well that even the U.S. military began using it. 

    Despite the accolades, the Blazer would need a massive overhaul to meet today’s safety standards. As is, it’s a fast track to needing these Orange County car accident attorneys. Given the TLC needed for a relaunch, however, it could easily beat out today’s top competition yet again.