Online Divorce in Illinois without Going to the Court

    Just the word ‘divorce’ itself is heavy in nature with a lot of intensity attached to it, and not the good kind either. We all understand what it means. Which is why it can induce immediate concern just by being pronounced or uttered. But divorce is a hard fact of life, and sometimes, it is the best possible choice available, especially when it comes to a marriage that is doing more harm than good.

    Even if it’s for the best, filing for divorce can still be a painful and daunting process. But if this burdensome event is done for the right reasons, it will only take a little time to recover from the initial trauma and you will get back to life in no time.

    Divorce Process:

    There is no denying that the process of divorce is difficult to navigate. But more than that, it can be expensive. If you and your spouse have arrived at the mutual decision to get a divorce, this gives you the opportunity to wash most of the trouble associated with divorce away. Since you both have consented to getting a divorce, the process can move forward as uncontested, opening the door for a variety of easy and cheap options for filing your divorce.

    One of the best and easiest ways to get a divorce these days is online. Since everything else can be done online these days, why not divorce? The conditions for getting a divorce vary based on the State you live in. But if you are a resident of Illinois, you can easily get a divorce online.

    There are a lot of online services, but it is our advice to go with one that is trusted and recognized. Online Illinois Divorce is a reliable website where you can easily get a divorce online by following a few simple steps.

    Online Divorce:

    The online process for filing a divorce is rather simple and easy. All you have to do is take a simple questionnaire about the details of your divorce, and the site will complete the necessary forms for your case, customized specifically for you. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

    Your customized forms are usually available within a couple of days, ready to be printed, signed, and filed with the court. Some websites even provide the service of mailing the forms to your doorstep.

    After filing with the court clerk in your locality, you just wait for the judge to review your forms. They will review your divorce agreement to make sure everything is in order, then sign the Judgement.




    Cost of Divorce:

    Although there is no set price for getting a divorce in Illinois, since so many factors can contribute to the cost, one cost that is consistent in all cases is the filing fee. The filing fee varies some by county, but on average is $289.

    After the filing fee, how much a divorce costs will depend on the services used and the type of divorce (contested vs uncontested). Contested cases require lawyers and often result in a trial, costing each spouse an average of $15,000.

    Uncontested cases can be done by yourself at virtually no cost beyond the filing fee or using professional assistance.

    As an alternative to costly legal assistance, online divorce offers the perfect solution for individuals looking to save money through a DIY divorce without the hassle of the paperwork. Online divorce services range from $139 – $400 keeping the overall cost of your uncontested divorce low, while offering you a faster, safer, and more convenient alternative.

    Types of Divorce:

    There are basically two major types of divorce:

    · Uncontested Divorce

    · Contested divorce

    Uncontested Divorce:

    An uncontested divorce is simple and easy. This is when both parties involved have agreed to a settlement on all of the terms of their divorce, leaving nothing uncontested and allowing for a straightforward and fast divorce.

    Issues that should be agreed upon include:

    · Division of property

    · Custody of the children

    · A visitation schedule for the non-custodial spouse

    · Division of any assets and debts

    · Child support.

    · Alimony (spousal support), if any.

    Another good thing about an uncontested divorce is that it can be finalized in the shortest time allowed by Illinois state law. On average, an uncontested case in Illinois takes about 3 months, but if everything is in order and done without delays, your case can be done in much less time than that.

    Contested Divorce:

    A contested divorce is a real pain in the neck that can take up to a year or more to be resolved. As the name suggests, it is a struggle, since some of the affairs mentioned above remain unresolved causing the parties to fight over the outcome.


    Apply For Divorce:

    Applying for a divorce in Illinois is subjected to eligibility. To qualify to file for divorce in Illinois, at least one of the spouses has to be a resident of the state for at least 90 days.

    Besides that, you’ll also have to decide on the grounds (reason) for the divorce. Illinois has both no-fault and fault-based grounds. For an uncontested case you would choose one of the no-fault grounds – either ‘irreconcilable differences’ which just means that you no longer get along or separation for six months.

    Getting a Divorce:

    So if your marriage has reached the point that getting a divorce is the best option, it is best to save yourself (and your ex-spouse) the trouble of going through a long, expensive trial by doing an uncontested online divorce. Thanks to the internet, getting a divorce is now easier than ever. No more lawyers, court trials, or having your dirty laundry aired out in public. Save yourself the embarrassment and simply apply for an easy online divorce at Online Illinois Divorce.