Online Games And Their Role For The Future Generations

    We all are emerged in the digital world to the extent not seen before. People spend as much time online as they would have once spend offline talking to others in the real world. For many, this causes great discomfort at making friends or finding love. Moreover, more and more young people tend to find the online world more interesting and exciting than real life. That is exactly what game developers used as an insight to build their businesses on.

    Surprisingly enough, but we do not really give video games an important role in social transformations. While some people spend hours and hours playing Dota and others cannot but stop their search for the ultimate experience, we still tend to think that telecommunications and social media are the only drivers of changes in our culture, history, and way of life. However, do online games really play such a miserable role? Let us find this out.

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    How Video Games Change Our World?

    We all know or at least have heard about such things as Mario, Pokemon, or Super Sonic. Well, all of these characters have come into our daily lives from the once popular video games every teenager felt obliged to play. However, apart from simply knowing them, modern generations manage to earn even bigger money on these characters like in the case with Pokemon Go, a game which is available in the majority of countries in the world and definitely changed the perception of boundaries between virtual and real life.


    Here are some other facts worth noting in terms of what changes modern society is undergoing with the growing popularity of games:

    • Everyone Is Playing: Whether you like it or not, but 97% of teens play video games every single week. Video games platforms enable young people from all over the world to come into contact and even become friends. This is not only a strong entertainment sphere but also a unique opportunity of socializing which in the modern days becomes more difficult in the offline world;
    • Growing Female Participation in Games: If some time ago gamer was seen as a cliche teenage guy in glasses and lack of communication skills, nowadays demographics have changed. In the youngest generations, females are gaming more and more often and it definitely means something;
    • New Business Opportunities: The gaming industry enables young people to earn money from what they like to do the most. One does not need anything special for this, just a YouTube channel and real interest in gaming. You can literally make a career out of gaming, even if you do not play!

    To wrap things up, the wind of change has been blowing for a while in our societies and will continue to change the world as we know it right now.