Part-Time Job on the Internet for Students

    Smart college students are always on the lookout for an extra source of income to support their upkeep. It is true your parent could be paying your bills but as a student, it is possible to supplement this with an online part-time job.  These jobs not only make you more responsible but also help to start managing your money early in life. It is also possible to turn some of these online gigs into full-time careers after college. From freelance writing jobs, blogging, YouTube marketing, micro jobs, to data entry, students have a wide array of jobs to choose from these days.

    This article examines some of the best part-time jobs for students and how to get them easily. Read on.

    1. Freelance Writing Jobs

    A recent report published on Forbes says the freelancing economy is set to grow bigger and this includes freelance writing jobs. The internet is in high demand for high quality content and as a student, you have the skills, time and tools to write such content. You only need a computer and internt5 connection to get started as a freelance writer.

    Some of the popular freelance writing gigs include article/feature writing,copy/content writing, blogging, editing and proofreading, social media content creation to mention a few. These jobs are readily available online and you can find them on freelancing job boards, LinkedIn and other places.

    1. Online Tutoring

    As a college student, you have crucial skills that can help many other students across the world. More students now go online for tutoring services and you have an opportunity to help out and make money in the process. Teaching what you know is easy and exciting and the fact that you earn money from it makes this one of the best online part-time jobs.

    Image 1: With online part time jobs you don’t have to work at McDonald’s

    1. Social Media Manager

    Billions of people are on social media and businesses and public figures want to leverage social media networks to create a large following. It is not easy for brands and celebrities to manage their social media accounts and they need help to do this. This is where you come in as a social media manager.

    From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat to Twitter you will have the duty of updating your clients’ accounts with relevant content and controlling the conversation to suit your clients’ needs. Your role is in building brand awareness for the business and creating positive publicity for celebrities and other clients.

    1. Freelance Web Designer

    If you have a background in computing, it is time to put your skills to work as a freelance web designer. There are millions of businesses and individuals looking for beautiful web designs and you can make good money offering these services. You must prove your ability to build websites that convert and while it might take time to carve your niche, you should always strive to build impressive platforms.

    1. Online Photography

    If you have a knack for photography, you can turn your hobby into a money minting machine. You see, many people are on the market for beautiful images for their websites and other online platforms. As a freelance photographer, you need a blog to share your works and you have to promote your blog to your target customers to get noticed.Other popular online part-time jobs include telemarketing, transcription services, writing e-books, affiliate marketing among others. At Write Zillas, you have an opportunity to start working as a freelance writer and build a reputation with time.