Paul Mampilly Trusts the Blockchain with His Identity—Should You?

    Ever since blockchain technology made its grand debut onto the world scene, people have been exploring ways in which these decentralized systems can make life easier. Although many people are familiar with the cryptocurrencies that have emerged as a result of blockchain technology, not so many are aware that blockchain technology can improve our everyday lives in a myriad of ways. Identity protection, for instance, happens to be one of the hottest topics in blockchain right now. Spearheading an effort to get rid of paper birth certificates and other identifying documents, Mampilly is betting that the blockchain can make life simple for those who don’t want to struggle with papers.

    In Mampilly’s humble opinion, there is no reason why people should have to wait in line for updated documents. He prefers a “secure chain of actions” permitted by the person who wants to provide their identity for a given reason. The way Mampilly sees it, people could walk around with embedded chips that are built off of blockchain technology. There would no longer be a need to participate in the bureaucracy, and people would always have access to their personal identification and funds. In a world where everything seems to be moving faster than the speed of light, Paul Mampilly is a visionary who believes that people shouldn’t be stuck in lines waiting at the DMV anymore.

    Of course, this isn’t the first time that Paul Mampilly has gone against the grain to promote something new and exciting. In his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, he provides subscribers with stock tips that will set them apart from the pack. As the manager of two trading services, he has invested an extraordinary amount of time and resources into helping people put their money in places where it will flourish and thrive. With an MBA from Fordham, Mampilly has always prioritized research and numbers over sheer speculation. And with everything in his being encouraging him to bet on blockchain, it seems that this is not just a passing interest for him.

    Having worked across nine different industries, Mampilly possesses both the versatility and the background to make the most educated decisions about the future of his sectors. Identity protection happens to be a topic that is near and dear to his heart, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a shock that he has chosen to pursue this passion with a gusto that he only reserves for his most promising projects. As he has been at the helm of many successful endeavors, Mampilly understands what it takes to get a concept working in real life. His skill set makes him the optimal person to attempt this daring and exciting feat. After all, many industrial titans of the 20th century started out with similarly radical ideas. Mampilly wants to take the hassle out of paperwork processes, thus cutting out the middleman and eliminating a multitude of ways in which individuals can have their identities stolen. If the overwhelmingly positive public response to his videos and statements are any clue to the future, it seems as if he’s really onto something.